Let’s Grow. Drakya and Klient become one!

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Klient, News

Written by Yanick Abraham

Yanick is a passionate about PSA industry. With more than 12 years of experience in Salesforce Ecosystem, he loves to share his expertise and tips to help consulting businesses to scale faster.

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These last 2 years have truly been a blast. We’ve been using Klient PSA at the core of our operation to guarantee its efficiency and quality. We’ve learned a lot from you and from using our own software. We’ve transformed the way we operate and streamlined the Klient Experience to set up for fast, sustainable growth.

Today, we are reaching a new milestone. It’s not only about our product and features. It’s about our mission, vision, values, and, most importantly, our people. We are proud to announce that Klient is adding fantastic people to its workforce with the merger of Drakya and Klient.

Both teams will now operate under Klient’s name. With this move, we are solidifying our position as a team of professional services experts who develop a customer-centric PSA platform.

Drakya, our sister company, a Salesforce Consulting Partner of 15 highly skilled professional services specialists, has been at the heart of our growth. Drakya’s team has successfully implemented, onboarded, trained, and advised hundreds of consulting firms and SaaS businesses with one goal in mind, their success. Furthermore, they are intelligent and caring human beings. We are very lucky to have them join the Klient family. We will be introducing them in the following weeks.

What will change?

  • Drakya will now start communicating with Klient.com emails and calendars.
  • Drakya Inc. will continue to exist as a legal entity until the end of the year (December 31, 2022).
  • All Drakya’s contracts and prepayments will be honored.
  • Klient remains the same. Same address and same bank information.
  • Just a renewed focus on the professional services industry.

More than ever we are dedicated to your success, your education on the platform, and your sustainable growth.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Yanick Abraham
Klient’s CEO and Owner

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