Klient Customer Success Story

How Bolt Data Doubled in Size and Revenue in Under 18 Months with Klient PSA

A leading SaaS enterprise with an innovative IoT Solution

Bolt Data is a highly respected SaaS (Software as a Service) company known for its cutting-edge solution, Bolt Data Connect. This innovative Salesforce application provides real-time data from IoT (Internet of Things) assets.

By leveraging the Salesforce platform, Bolt Data Connect can enhance asset reliability, lower service delivery costs, explore new revenue streams, and overcome complex business challenges.

In addition to its product, Bolt Data also offers a comprehensive suite of professional services. These tailored services assist clients with Salesforce implementation, solution enhancements, integration, and adoption.

The Challenge

Labor-intensive workflows with unreliable data

As a company at the forefront of IoT solutions, Bolt Data faced the challenge of effectively managing diverse teams with different areas of expertise and many stakeholders.

Despite being users of Klient PSA (Professional Services Automation) for several years, Bolt Data’s teams gradually deviated from using the platform and reverted to using scattered spreadsheets, resulting in data inconsistencies and time-consuming manual processes.

This labor-intensive and decentralized approach led to a lack of trust in the data and prevent their ability to plan manpower effectively, therefore impacting overall profitability.

Chuck Meredith
“We encountered significant difficulties in converting bookings to revenue. It was crucial to have accurate data to ensure appropriate staffing levels and accurately predict and achieve revenue targets months in advance.”

Chuck Meredith

Chief Experience Officer
Bolt Data

The Solution

Klient PSA reboot: Streamline every process and leverage the power of a single source of truth across the organization.

At this point, Bolt Data reached out to Klient and their professional services team to reboot the entire implementation of Klient PSA. The objective was to eradicate reliance on spreadsheets and create a seamless integration with their Sales, project management, delivery, and finance processes.

Since Klient is a SaaS and professional services business, we were able to understand their reality and propose a plan of action.

Jeremy Watso

Klient Advisor

Klient advisor Jeremy Watso grasped how Bolt Data operates and crystallized their leadership vision of a bright operational future.

1.Discovery stage

We discussed with their team to evaluate their need and set the scoping of the project.

2.Software configuration

Our expert proceeded to the installation of the Klient PSA platform.

3.Collaboration workshop

We invited Bolt Data’s team to learn more about Klient features.

4.Training & adaptation support

Bolt Data’s team adopted Klient PSA with support from our Klient expert and Klient Champions at Bolt Data.

Following the onboarding plan, Bolt Data’s team became aligned on best practices. The Klient team provided them with comprehensive advice on processes that should be implemented to maximize Klient PSA’s potential in their organization.

The Outcome

Achieving revenue growth and streamlined operations.

Both the executive leadership team and the Sales department have embraced the system and diligently implemented it.

The entire organization now benefits from accurate information and have said goodbye to spreadsheets for good. Bolt Data now enjoys a 360-degree view of its operations, pipeline, staffing, and revenue.

By leveraging a single source of truth, Bolt Data now effortlessly achieves their objectives in various areas including:

  • Converting bookings into revenue
  • Forecasting staffing needs
  • Monitoring resource utilization
  • Driving reporting
  • Aligned Sales & Delivery Teams

The seamless integration with their Sales, Delivery, and Finance processes has revolutionized Bolt Data’s workflow. This integration ensures that their professional services teams can easily use Klient PSA while remaining aligned with the sales and delivery department.


delivery and revenue without
expanding the operations team

  • Improved Project Management & Scoping

One of the most significant outcomes for Bolt Data is the ability to measure Actual KPIs against Goal KPIs accurately – by effectively measuring revenue, billability, and utilization.


reduction in write-offs

  • Improved Billing

The billing processes have also been improved thanks to the Klient time tracking feature that’s been rolled out through the organization for both internal business objectives and non-billable hours.


employees surpassing utilization goals

Chuck Meredith

What Chuck says about us…

“Working with Klient was a breeze. They helped us overcome resource limitations, built an executive dashboard, and simplified collaboration with Sales. Klient made it fun and easy!”
Bolt Data’s success is a testament to its impact on revenue growth, operational efficiency, and overall organizational satisfaction.

A Klient Customer Success Story

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