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Saasinct’s Strategic Blueprint for Scalable Growth

About Saasinct

Saasinct, a woman-owned Salesforce consulting partner based on the East Coast, specializes in empowering financial services companies and nonprofits to excel technologically. Founded with a vision to scale, Saasinct combines deep industry expertise with a passion for client education to help organizations navigate complex technological landscapes, and have already completed over 200 projects since its inception in 2016.

The Challenge

From its inception, Saasinct envisions growth and scalability. However, as the company expanded, it became clear that the existing tools—Wrike for project management, a custom Salesforce solution for time tracking, and QuickBooks Online for invoicing—were not capable of supporting the increasing complexity and scale of their projects. Katie Bluth, founder of Saasinct, described the early days: “We were using disjointed systems that made it difficult to maintain visibility and control as we grew. We knew we needed a more integrated approach to manage our expanding operations efficiently.”

The Solution

The decision to implement Klient PSA was a pivotal moment for Saasinct. This solution was chosen for its consulting partner’s focus functionalities and seamless integration with Salesforce, promising to streamline operations and enhance project management capabilities.

Katie reflected on the decision, saying :

“I had been following Klient PSA for a while; it stood out because of its ability to integrate directly into our Salesforce environment; having an end-to-end solution was the key to reducing repetitive tasks and freeing us up to focus more on delivering value to our customers.”

Implementing Klient PSA

A Phased Approach

The implementation of Klient PSA marked a significant transformation in Saasinct’s operational strategy. The process involved customizing Klient PSA to fit their unique workflows, integrating it with existing Salesforce dashboards, and ensuring that all key performance indicators were accessible in real-time. “We built a series of dashboards for accounting, sales management, and service delivery, which allowed us to manage our projects more effectively and make informed decisions quickly,” said Katie.

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The Saasinct’s Strategic Blueprint

1. Understanding Your Niche and Client Needs

Before embarking on any technological implementation, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand your niche, your unique value proposition, and your clients’ specific needs. This understanding will inform all subsequent decisions and ensure that the solutions you implement are perfectly tailored to serve your clients effectively.

2. Establishing and Prioritizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Begin by identifying the most critical KPIs that will drive your business decisions. This step is fundamental as it ensures that you can measure what matters most to your operational and financial health. Prioritize these KPIs based on their impact on your business goals and client outcomes.

3. Customizing and Utilizing Dashboards

With your KPIs established, develop custom dashboards within your CRM system, such as Salesforce. These dashboards are essential for real-time monitoring and analysis, providing immediate insights into your operational health and client interactions. Ensure these dashboards are accessible and provide actionable insights.

4. Phased Approach to PSA Implementation

Implement your PSA system in a phased approach, customizing and mastering each component before moving to the next:

Rate Cards and Timesheet Approvals

Implement standardized rate cards and a robust timesheet approval process to maintain control over labor costs and project billing and enhance financial management.

Resource and Project Assignment

Start by optimizing, allocating, and managing resources. Ensure that the right people are assigned to the right projects at the right times, maximizing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Billing Process And Approvals

Advance the refining of the billing process. A streamlined billing approval system helps reduce errors and facilitates smoother cash flow management, which is crucial for maintaining good financial health.

5. Incorporating Project Management Methodologies

Once the foundational aspects of the PSA are established, incorporate project methodologies, such as Agile, into your niche best practices. The right PSA will allow for more dynamic project management and the ability to adapt quickly to changes and client feedback.

6. Developing a Client Portal

Plan for the future by developing a customer portal that allows clients to access project information, track progress, and interact directly with your team. This step moves towards greater transparency and engagement, empowering clients and fostering stronger relationships.

7. Learning and Iterating

Continuously learn from each implementation phase and client interaction. Use feedback to iterate on your processes and PSA utilization, always looking for ways to improve efficiency, client satisfaction, and operational scalability

The Outcome

Adopting Klient PSA transformed Saasinct’s operations:
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The unified platform significantly reduced administrative time. Katie noted, “What used to take us hours now takes minutes. We have real-time visibility into every aspect of our operations. The end of the month used to take a full day, now it takes less than two hours because we are able to manage routine tasks each week. We are able to spend less time calculating utilization, measuring performance, sending vendor invoices, creating new project plans, approving timesheets, and sending our clients budget updates.”

Scalable Growth Management
Saasinct could now handle larger and more complex projects without sacrificing the quality of service. The system’s scalability has been crucial as it expands its client base.
Enhanced Operational Efficiency
With comprehensive data at their fingertips, Saasinct’s team could make strategic decisions swiftly, enhancing their ability to respond effectively to client needs and market changes.


“The visibility and control it offers have transformed how we manage projects and resources. I highly recommend Klient to any firm looking to improve their project management and scale their operations.”

Katie Bluth, the founder of Saasinct


Reflecting on the journey, Katie Bluth highlighted the broader impact of Klient PSA: “This tool hasn’t just changed how we manage projects; it’s enhanced our entire approach to client service. We can now anticipate needs and solve problems before they become critical, which has been a game-changer for us and our clients.” The success of Saasinct with Klient PSA offers valuable insights into how strategic technological integration can support sustainable growth and operational excellence.
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