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Resource Management

Manage your growth with our smart Resource & Capacity Management tools tailored for Salesforce Partners.

When you need to manage your resources effectively, it is crucial that your workforce is organized and available for use. On the next page, we’ll delve into the benefits of using our smart Resource Management tools designed to help your firm grow. From capacity planning to optimizing employee billable utilization rates, based on current workloads or expected demand from new customers coming through the door, we got your back! Moreover, our tools enable you to establish and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), providing managers with concrete metrics to gauge their success beyond merely increasing revenue.


Take control and properly manage your bench.

Studies have shown that having the right tool with great visibility on your resource utilization will help you increase your annual revenue by 13%. In this era of labor shortages, smart management of your workforce helps you set up detailed projects with your resource requirements. Dig deep into employee workloads and find out what makes them tick! Keep your talents from fizzling away due to boredom or too much work, maximize efficiency and reduce time on bench.
Improve your project estimates and forecasts with Salesforce automation:
Analyze resource capacity based on ongoing & upcoming projects
Consider individual work schedules, holidays & time offs
Raise resource requests, find candidates and staff strategically
Keep track of your employees’ amazing talents in one place
Find just the right person for any job

What are the positive impacts of using Professional Service Automation software?

The benefits of using integrated PSA software are impressive, according to SPI Research’s 2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark, PSA tools that are native to Salesforce seamlessly improve sales and delivery process, paving the way for significant growth in all aspects of your business.


Increase in
Win-to-bid Ratio


Professional Services
Revenue Growth


Expand New Clients Acquisition


Rise Your
Projects Margin
Estimate & Forecast

All the features you need to manage your projects like a pro.

Resource Management
Pipeline Resources
Skills Management
Competencies & Certifications
Ratings & Level
Cost & Bill Rate Card
Holiday Schedules & Time Off
Performance & Utilization
Annual Review
Employee Workspace
Daily/Weekly Task
Occupation Forecasting
Resource Planner
Resource Advanced Research
Resource Splitting
Onboarding and Training
Candidate Evaluation
Custom Reporting


Plan your hiring process based on tangible metrics

Professional services departments often fail to harmonize their hiring practices with their resource management software, a crucial step for effectively managing the initial billable hours of new hires. We all dream of easily finding resources who are both self-sufficient and highly skilled in their fields, the reality often falls short. By defining new roles that specify varying skills, competencies, and levels, you can tailor your recruitment efforts to better meet your needs. Reduce the workload of your experienced staff so they can focus on more complexe tasks. Find new employees with better skills that would be more effective in executing the work.
Prioritize your skills and competencies requirements
Reorganize your workload to optimize their utilization
Help your employees to be at their best
Manage soft skills to assign the right tasks
Set up training and onboarding projects based on their role

Give the right task to the right people.

Resources Allocation and Optimization is a job of its own. The success of a project often hinges on a manger’s ability to comprehend and execute the mandate within its constraints Typically, human resources in most firms become productive within 60 days. However, the development of your staff does not stop there.
Assign the right people for improved delivery:
Get recommendations for best-fit resources for specific tasks
Compare and improve resources’ quality and effectiveness
Standardize their way of executing the services
Manage or change resource assignation quickly based on the project evolution
Quickly view your resources’ assignation and utilization to optimize their schedule


Plan and forecast your resources like a boss.

Ready to hit your project goals faster than a speeding bullet? Utilize insightful resource reports to access crucial information: how much capacity is available next month and which team members are at risk of over/or under-utilization? Discover if your top talent can handle those additional and lucrative tasks—a unique Resource Placeholder will empower you with the ability to strategically plan your future projects. Additionally, get a full view of your freelancers work before any emergency arises!
Use powerful insights to plan our team resources wisely
Keep your projects running smoothly
Keep your staff working at optimum capacity
Predict your future resource needs
Get the most out of every employee

Get a crystal-clear view of your business at the flip of a switch!

Looking for the number-crunching facts to back up your business decisions. Our custom fields and filters make it simple to access every essential utilization report statistic with just a few clicks. Look no further than Klient PSA for fast, reliable answers. It offers customizable templates and reports, as well as powerful real-time insights into your business’s health—all from a single dashboard. Track missed billing opportunities or examine work-in-progress value effortlessly. Now, that’s what we call supercharged success!
No more getting lost in a data wilderness
Track the metrics that drive your success
Get the scoop on your staff’s performance
Get a snapshot of utilization, billables, and realization rates
Create your ideal dashboards, no assembly required


Increase your retention by building career paths projects

Guide your people and support their career paths. Get the ball rolling on some awesome professional growth! Keep track of your employees’ successes, help them identify areas for improvement, and measure their progress along the way. It’s time to make performance reviews enjoyable (again)!
Keep morale high and work stress low
Make sure your team members are not overloaded with work
Track their evolution with an internal project
Plan time for them to learn in-demand skills

Unify every department under one single source of truth

What are the benefits of having a single platform to manage all your company’s information?

Centralized BI: Access critical customer data, project documents and essential financial reports from a single business operating system


Improved Project Performance: Enhances performance across all departments by providing easy access to historical project details


Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates better collaboration as resources throughout the organization can efficiently share and retrieve information


Customer Interaction: Enables better customer interaction by ensuring that all team members are well-prepared with comprehensive project details when following up with customers

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Why use a PSA software running on Salesforce?

World’s #1 CRM

Integrated platform, Al, app de-velopment, best-in-class apps

Single Source of Truth

Connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences

Fast Time to Value

Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

Scalable and Flexible

Solutions for any size company or industry

Community Success

96% of customers say they met or exceeded ROI expectation

“Because the product is natively built and hosted upon the Salesforce platform, the possibilities for customization, integration, and growth are far-reaching!”

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