Estimate & Forecast

PSA Tools for Salesforce Automation

Estimate & Forecast

Maximize project visibility and streamline planning with Klient PSA’s Estimate & Forecast tools for Salesforce Partners and System Integrators (SI).

For many companies, accurate project estimating is essential to success. Getting a clear picture of what projects entail can take time and could lead to misaligned kickoff dates or unrealistic delivery expectations. Stay ahead of the competition with our Professional Service Automation (PSA) tools built for Salesforce.


How a PSA can improve your sales & delivery synergy?

Klient PSA is a game changer to help your teams work more efficiently! Your sales department can deliver compelling proposals faster, with greater confidence, and ease the transition for the delivery team. This way, both teams will access accurate information quickly and benefit from enhanced collaboration.
Improve your project estimates and forecasts with Salesforce automation:

Accurate Forecasting with Pipeline Projects.

Better visibility on required roles from Placeholder Resources.
Build Templates from Successful Projects.
Faster Sales Cycle with Projects Templates.
Accelerate your sales-to-delivery* with one unified system.

What are the positive impacts of using Professional Service Automation software?

The benefits of using integrated PSA software are impressive, according to SPI Research’s 2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark, PSA tools that are native to Salesforce seamlessly improve sales and delivery process, paving the way for significant growth in all aspects of your business.


Increase in
Win-to-bid Ratio


Professional Services
Revenue Growth


Expand New Clients Acquisition


Rise Your
Projects Margin
Estimate & Forecast

All the features you need to manage your projects like a pro.

Proposal Generation
SOW Generation
Document Management
Pipeline Projects
Project Estimation
Project Templates
Project Portfolio
Account Details
Contact Details
Resource Utilization Forecast
Role Utilization Forecast
Advanced Forecasting


Go from hero culture to project excellent!

In a hero culture, success depends on the heroics of people in the organization. Processes and practices aren’t formalized so quality relies heavily upon individual experience/aptitude.
The success of the company depends on these skill sets, which introduces too much risk. Standardization and measuring performance KPIs are critical to transform your organization into a firm driven by project excellence.
Stop “guesstimating” the future of your business:

Collaborate better with your teams, and expose key milestones

Speed up proposal creation with pre-made templates
Accurate scoping and estimating for greater accuracy
Leverage past successes for better predictions
Detailed deliverables and key milestones for a more streamlined process


What is the key to growth?
Generate accurate forecasts!

Forecasting is essential to plan your professional services team’s growth. The sales cycle tends to be unpredictable, and a new project can fall on the table at any time. Having complete visibility of your pipeline projects’ roles and skills helps you plan ahead, train, and recruit the right resources to support your customer projects.
Start managing your peaks and valleys:
Forecast more than your planned revenue.
Create projects earlier in the sales process.
Transform project estimates into delivery prejects.
Gain visibility on future utilization per roles and skills.
Access actionable business intelligence based on project data.


Accelerate your sales cycle and increase your Win-To-Bid Ratio.

Sales and Delivery can achieve more while working together.
As mentioned before, the standardization of your offering has a real impact on your ability to generate and forecast upcoming projects. With Klient PSA’s automation tools, you will be able to quickly generate and adapt estimates from previous successful projects and send all the information to your customer within minutes.
Conduct business at full speed with:
Faster project evaluation from historical project data and templates
Better insights to take best-margin projects, customers, and segments
Increase customer lifetime value with upselling opportunities


Harmonize all departments within your Professional Services business for improved collaboration.

The benefits of a unified platform are numerous. Resources across your organization can access key customer information, project data, and important documents from a single place. The result is an improved performance across every department. Everyone will have easy access to historical project data, customer contacts, and account status. It ensure a better success rates when taking sales calls, scoping projects, or key customers follow up.
Why use a PSA software running on Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM?
Integrated platform, world-class apps, Al and easy app development
Single Source of Truth to connect sales, service, marketing and more
Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROl
Scalable and flexible solutions for any size company or industry
Trailblazer success and community for continuous learning

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