Estimate & Forecast

Estimate & Forecast

Streamline your sales cycle, enhance project planning, and improve collaboration with Klient’s Estimate & Forecast tools.

Bridge the gap between sales and delivery with first-class solutions tailored for growing organizations. Accurate project estimating is crucial for business success. Clear insights into project requirements can prevent unrealistic delivery expectations and enhance customer satisfaction. Start your project lifecycle optimally with Klient, a Professional Service Automation (PSA) platform, 100% Salesforce native.

Faster Sales Cycle

Use project templates to expedite the complete scope of work for quicker sales cycles. Rapidly create new proposals using standardized projects and placeholders, providing clear timelines and improving estimate accuracy.

Leverage Smarter Tools

Enable project managers with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and editable grids to quickly adapt estimates. Provide detailed deliverables and milestones for precise project planning.
Klient-PSA Project Template for Salesforce

Achievable results you can expect with a professional service automation platform

Experience impressive results with CRM-integrated PSA software. According to SPI Research’s 2024 Professional Services Maturity™ benchmark, you can achieve:


Boost in
Project Margin


Increase Revenue
Per Employee


Grow Profit


More Customers


Efficiently Plan Ahead

Resource requests within the platform help organize projects, manage peaks and valleys, and provide insights into future utilization by role and project revenue. Plan resources effectively to ensure project success.
Estimate & Forecast

Essential Features for Estimate & Forecast

Adaptable Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Scope of Work Management

Proposal Generation
Collaborative Grid
Project Templates
Role-Based Planning

Gantt & Timeline

Resource Request
Resource Utilization Allocation

Revenue & Cost Forecasting

Advanced Forecasting
Utilization Forecasting

Work Seamlessly Together

Improve alignment between sales and service with a unified platform. Accelerate sales cycles and increase the win-to-bid ratio through enhanced collaboration and communication.
Klient-PSA Project Template for Salesforce
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Why use a PSA software running on Salesforce?

World’s #1 CRM

Integrated platform, Al, app de-velopment, best-in-class apps

Single Source of Truth

Connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences

Fast Time to Value

Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

Scalable and Flexible

Solutions for any size company or industry

Community Success

96% of customers say they met or exceeded ROI expectation

“Klient has an ideal combination of robustness and flexibility that has allowed us to improve our processes without reinventing them while giving us greater business visibility.”

Tim Nash



Unify Every Department Under One Source of Truth

Benefits of a Single Platform:


CENTRALIZED BI: Access all data and reports in one unified platform


ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Boost performance with easy access to unified project data


EFFICIENT COLLABORATION: Seamlessly share and retrieve information across the platform


ENGAGED CUSTOMERS: Improve interactions with detailed, accessible project data

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