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How Flexia Increased 900% in Business Volume with Klient PSA

A leading HR firm driving business growth through personalized planning and strategic alignment.

Flexia is a consulting firm with a strong human dimension, surrounded by passionate experts primed to develop your organization’s full potential through innovative HR strategies to attract, develop and retain top talent.

Their integrated approach leverages in-depth expertise, creative thinking and tailor-made interventions that cater to your specific needs and expectations. Their team is experienced, passionate, and fully dedicated to your success.

Flexia provides innovative business solutions that deliver impactful results by creating human, stimulating and high-performance work environments.

The Challenge

Keep track of sales records and manage high volumes of work

Initially, Flexia was shopping around for a good CRM solution. They were seeking a tool to assist them in tracking their client accounts’ history, contacts, associated emails, etc. Additionally, the team wanted to expedite the creation of consulting proposals. Upon discovering Klient PSA software and its features, Flexia’s leadership soon realized that managing an expanding volume of service quotes, projects, and consulting resources would constitute a significant growth barrier moving forward.

Enzo Blasi, CEO, Incloud

Germain Harvey

“Klient PSA was a real catalyst for Flexia’s success. Coping with the exponential growth we’ve sustained in the last 5 years (averaging +50% annually) is extremely stimulating, but it also required us to make day-to-day decisions that had a profound impact on both our present and future.”

The Solution

Flexia increased productivity by optimizing internal processes and improving resource utilization.

By choosing Klient PSA to fulfil both their CRM and operational needs, Flexia unlocked the transformative power of automation. To achieve higher levels of productivity taking back control of information was key. It enabled them to make better decisions by monitor in near-real time financials and the quality of their outputs—overall performance of the firm’s projects, deployed teams and, of course, workflows.

Since Klient advisors share a deep understanding of professional services, we were able to deploy an onboarding plan that perfectly aligned with Flexia’s operational needs and growth ambitions.

Jeremy Watso

Klient Advisor

Klient advisor Jeremy Watso grasped how Flexia operates and crystallized their leadership vision of a bright operational future.

1.Discovery stage

We discussed with their team to evaluate their needs and set the scope of the project.

2.Software configuration

Our expert proceeded to the installation of the Klient PSA software solution.

3.Collaboration workshop

We invited Incloud’s team to learn more about the features available on the platform.

4.Training & adaptation support

The customer’s team adopted Klient PSA with support from our Klient expert and Klient champions at Flexia.

We are extremely happy to have invested in Klient PSA and sincerely believe to have found the best technological solution to manage and grow a company like ours. Today and tomorrow, Klient’s automation technology allowed us to focus on what we really love: satisfying our customers and developing the talent of our formidable team of HR experts. —Germain Harvey

The Outcome

Achieving operational efficiency and sustaining growth.

Adopting Klient PSA led to a significant improvement in Flexia’s operations. These gains are a direct result of the enhanced project management capabilities, improved resource allocation, and streamlined financial processes supported by Klient PSA.

By running their entire consulting business on single platform, Flexia now effortlessly achieves its objectives in various areas including:

  • Optimize sales and billing processes
  • Increase visibility of projects
  • Maximize utilization of ressources
  • Improve overall team collaboration and productivity
  • Optimized Billing Processes

Klient PSA helped improve Flexia’s invoices (accuracy of information, flexibility of billing modes, etc.), enabling to bill customers with less effort by reducing substantially resources allocated to this task at the end-of-month. All in all, our PSA allowed to generate higher quality invoices in shorter periods of time.


Efficient invoicing

  • Improved Project Collaboration

This consolidation of tools improved project estimates, forecasts, and resource management, directly impacting Flexia’s operational efficiency.


Enhanced productivity

  • Better Predictability & Transparency

Reduced stress level with better project predictability. Enabled radical transparency with customers in terms of Time & Material model within a flexible platform connecting CRM, projects, ressources and accounting.


Predictable outcomes

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