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How Incloud Generated Over $40K in Operational Savings with Klient PSA

A Salesforce consulting powerhouse leading companies to perpetual business performance 

Incloud is a renowned team of Salesforce consultants and IT service experts based in Montreal and Toronto. As a Salesforce System Integrator (SI), their experts have demonstrated remarkable expertise, delivering over 4,000 successful projects across Canada and the northeastern US in just a few years, a testament to their exceptional capability and dedication.

The firm boasts extensive expertise in Salesforce deployments, particularly in the following key industries: Financial Services, Retail, Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS), High-tech companies, Manufacturing and Professional Services.

Incloud’s groundbreaking “partner approach” is foundational to their success, enabling a deep collaborative engagement with clients, which leads to outstanding long-term business achievements. 

The Challenge

Disconnected tools led to inefficient workflow management

Incloud faced challenges in Salesforce implementation for their clients, primarily due to reliance on multiple, disjointed tools for project management, billing, and sales quotes. This fragmented approach hampered unified project visibility and efficiency.

Enzo Blasi, CEO, Incloud

Enzo Blasi

“We have realized BIG long-term cost savings in net licenses with Klient PSA replacing other software. We’ve gained MASSIVE efficiencies due to time saved by no longer having to synchronize data between multiple systems. Overall, total savings is HUGE for us.”

The Solution

Incloud levelled up its game while generating substantial operational savings with Klient PSA. 

By choosing Klient PSA, a native app running on the Salesforce platform, Incloud levelled up its game with a powerful and integrated toolset designed to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and deliver superior professional services to customers. This unified approach allowed a Salesforce System Integrator (SI) like Incloud to effectively manage customer relationships, projects, and financials within a single ecosystem, eliminating the need for multiple systems while generating massive time and license fee savings.

Since Klient is both a SaaS and professional services business, we were able to tailor a plan of action that perfectly aligned with their needs.

Jeremy Watso

Klient Advisor

Klient advisor Jeremy Watso grasped how Incloud operates and crystallized their leadership vision of a bright operational future.

1.Discovery stage

We discussed with their team to evaluate their needs and set the scope of the project.

2.Software configuration

Our expert proceeded to the installation of the Klient PSA software solution.

3.Collaboration workshop

We invited Incloud’s team to learn more about the features available on the platform.

4.Training & adaptation support

The customer’s team adopted Klient PSA with support from our Klient expert and Klient champions at Incloud.

Incloud’s adoption of Klient PSA is a testament to their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for operational excellence and client satisfaction. This strategic move resulted in substantial savings and set a new standard in service delivery within the Salesforce consulting arena.

The Outcome

Achieving operational efficiency and sustaining growth.

Adopting Klient PSA led to a significant improvement in Incloud’s operations. These savings are a direct result of the enhanced project management capabilities, improved resource allocation, and streamlined billing processes provided by Klient PSA.

By leveraging a single source of truth, Incloud now effortlessly achieves its objectives in various areas including:

  • Cost savings in net licenses
  • Consolidation of project management tools
  • Increase productivity and forecast future work
  • Enhanced client satisfaction and retention
  • Pivotal Transformation for SIs

Klient PSA, being 100% native to Salesforce, offers various powerful features for SIs, including proposal management, opportunity to project automation, resource planning, and invoicing – all on a single platform.


Overall annual savings 

  • Consolidated PM Tools

This consolidation of tools improved project estimates, forecasts, and resource management, directly impacting Incloud’s operational efficiency. 


License fee reductions

  • Improved Billing

The billing processes have also been improved thanks to the Klient time tracking feature that’s been rolled out through the organization for both internal business objectives and non-billable hours.


Estimated efficiency gains

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