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Unlock your team’s full potential and maximize productivity with our Delivery and Execution tools tailored for Salesforce Partners.

Let’s be honest, who actually enjoys filling out timesheets? At Klient, we do! We understand that it’s not enjoyable for employees to waste time figuring out how to use tools rather than actually using them. That’s why we’ve designed the ideal system to boost team productivity and streamline work processes. Our efficient workflows minimize wasted time and maximize the value delivered to customers, faster than ever.


Let the repeatable methodology do the work for you.

Professional services teams that consistently perform above average don’t rely on luck—they put thought and process into every project. By learning from past mistakes and leveraging previous successes, these skilled teams have established repeatable processes that allow them to hit the mark every time, regardless of the challenges they encounter. Additionally, quality assurance measures ensure that clients receive first-class service, keeping them as the focal point of every project.
Improve your project estimates and forecasts:
Efficiently plan your project like a pro
Take your best-in-class tasks and turn them into copycats
Have that timesheet pre-filled before you can even say “Timesheets are fun!”
Faster Sales Cycle with Projects Templates
Figure out how to take your planning to the next level

What are the positive impacts of using Professional Service Automation software?

The benefits of using integrated PSA software are impressive, according to SPI Research’s 2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark, PSA tools that are native to Salesforce seamlessly improve sales and delivery process, paving the way for significant growth in all aspects of your business.


Increase in
Win-to-bid Ratio


Professional Services
Revenue Growth


Expand New Clients Acquisition


Rise Your
Projects Margin
Estimate & Forecast

All the features you need to deliver like a pro.

Timesheet Management
Copy from planning
Copy from last week
Tasks & Project time entries
Document Management
Customer Tasks
Approval Management

Cost & Bill Rate Card

Holiday Schedules & Time Off
Performance Review
Communication Management
Collaboratives Notes
Expense Management
Daily/Weekly Task
Workspace View
Project Plan
Milestone Management


Improve your delivery with standard cycle time.

Ready to beat the clock and set new speed records? The cycle time formula is your ally! This essential metric helps yo gauge how quickly a service is delivered and identifies any inefficiencies that need to be addressed. It’s crucial for assessing productivity and efficiency in business operations—not just in racing! If the concept of ‘cycle time’ seems a bit daunting, don’t worry—there are strategies for managing it effectively through tasks and projects. Let’s work together to start breaking those records!
Let’s start smashing those company records together!
Formula: Time to execute a specific task
Department: Operations
Frequency: Quarterly/Yearly
Goal: Increase your billables

Reduce friction and increase team unity

We now a one-stop shop where your resources can find everything they need—customer information, project details, and reports. This will position our organization at the top of its game for customer follow-ups! Plus, there’s no need to rummage around for documents anymore, everyone can remain calm thanks to easy access to historical data and project files.
Stop guesstimating the future of your business!
Be aware of your priorities and meet your deadlines
Work efficiently with tasks and Kanban boards
Use checklists to keep track of your work
Actively collaborate on tasks and share knowledge
Keep your team informed, update statuses, and log progress
Operate from a single source of truth, anywhere, anytime
“Klient has an ideal combination of robustness and flexibility that has allowed us to improve our processes without reinventing them while giving us greater business visibility.”

Tim Nash



Keep your accounting on track with absolutely zero effort!

Say goodbye to you endless paper trail of receipts and travel expenses. With our user-friendly digital expense record, you can easily link them to their corresponding projects, automatically tally taxes, and do it all effortlessly! Simply snap pictures of those pesky receipts, and let us handle all your tracking needs in one tidy package.
Enjoy your day-to-day with intuitive interfaces
A tailored experience that streamlines your work
Timesheets & Expense reports that you won’t mind doing

Unify every department under one single source of truth

What are the benefits of having a single platform to manage all your company’s information?

Centralized BI: Access critical customer data, project documents and essential financial reports from a single business operating system


Improved Project Performance: Enhances performance across all departments by providing easy access to historical project details


Streamlined Collaboration: Facilitates better collaboration as resources throughout the organization can efficiently share and retrieve information


Customer Interaction: Enables better customer interaction by ensuring that all team members are well-prepared with comprehensive project details when following up with customers

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Why use a PSA software running on Salesforce?

World’s #1 CRM

Integrated platform, Al, app de-velopment, best-in-class apps

Single Source of Truth

Connect sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT, personalize experiences

Fast Time to Value

Ease of design and implementation at speed with high ROI

Scalable and Flexible

Solutions for any size company or industry

Community Success

96% of customers say they met or exceeded ROI expectation

“Because the product is natively built and hosted upon the Salesforce platform, the possibilities for customization, integration, and growth are far-reaching!”

Paul Webster

Senior Technical Project Manager

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