Empower Your Team With Simple Tools That Structure Their Work!

Being a consultant is not easy these days. You’re stuck between acquiring multiple software skills and meeting high customer expectations. But don’t worry, Klient PSA is here to help! Our platform regroups all the tools you need on a single platform. From project management & resource planning to invoicing and everything in between, it’s all there!

Estimate & Forecast

A process your sales & delivery team will love!

  • Create projects proposals with ease
  • Align your Sales & Delivery team to close more deals
  • Manage your peaks and valleys to generate a truthful forecast

Project Management

Use proven recipes to deliver unmatched quality

  • Establish a repeatable methodology to structure your work
  • Master your milestones to exceed customers expectations
  • Control your budget & project metrics to avoid overruns

Resource Management

Let your Team Express their “ Zone of Genius”

  • Take control of your planning capacity and bench
  • Assign the right task to the right people
  • Grow your workforce by supporting your people’s ambitions

Delivery & Execution

Enable your team to achieve more in less time

  • Empower your teams with user-friendly tools
  • Manage your tasks & assignments like a pro
  • Reduce friction to increase team collaboration

Customer Experience

Make their heart beat for your business

  • Collaborate with your customers and build trust
  • Get customer feedback by sending surveys
  • Increase accountability by sharing project status

Billing & Invoicing

Stop revenue from falling through the cracks

  • Structure your invoice process with accountability in mind
  • Stop revenue leakage to grow your business faster
  • Use flexible billing types and connect your existing accounting system
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