Go beyond Salesforce analytics with Klient!

The anticipation is over! Klient is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of its groundbreaking CRM Analytics product, designed to elevate your business intelligence to new heights. With the promise to increase your earnings and empower your teams, Klient CRM Analytics will enhance the capabilities of the Klient PSA solution and revolutionize how professional services teams analyze and derive insights from the Salesforce platform.


What is CRM Analytics?

Formerly known as Tableau CRM, Einstein Analytics, and Wave, CRM Analytics is a robust cloud-based analytics and business intelligence (BI) solution seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce platform. Kllient CRM Analytics empowers users to transcend the limitations of traditional Salesforce reports, offering dynamic dashboards for in-depth analysis of complex object models and providing a unified view of external and Salesforce data.


What can you do with Klient CRM Analytics?

* Advanced Reporting: Go beyond the constraints of standard Salesforce reports with Klient CRM Analytics’ capabilities in complex cross-object reporting.
* Unified Dashboards: Visualize external data alongside Salesforce data in one dynamic dashboard for comprehensive insights.
* AI Integration: Unlock the power of AI and predictive insights to make better data-driven decisions.
* Snapshot Analytics: Delve into historical data with Snapshot Analytics to better understand your business evolution.


What are the requirements of Klient CRM Analytics?

CRM Analytics Studio/Data Manager:

* Data Manager: Manage connections and recipes to create datasets.
* Analytic Studio: Create and manage apps, datasets, dashboards, and templates.

Packaging and Security:

* Security: The auto-installed package is set to be shared view to the entire organization for ease of access.

Streamline your operations and empower your teams with the right metrics to succeed! Get ready to experience a new professional services performance data era with Klient CRM Analytics. Stay ahead in the dynamic world of business intelligence by watching for the official launch of our new product.

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