Salesforce will enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for direct logins when Spring ‘24 rolls out in the January – February 2024 timeframe. This is a significant step towards providing sufficient protection against cyberattacks and improving the security of your data within your CRM platform and Klient PSA app.

Where will this change apply? It applies to Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all Salesforce mobile apps in all editions.

When will this change go into effect? On April 8, 2024 (Source: Salesforce release notes).

Read on to learn how your team can prepare for Multi-Factor Authentification auto-enablement in all UI logins to your Salesforce org.

Since Klient is natively built on Salesforce, any MFA-related hiccups could impact your seamless access to our software. We strongly recommend setting up MFA before the implementation date to ensure a smooth transition. Consider these guidelines when enabling multi-factor authentification (MFA) in your Salesforce accounts:

  1. When Salesforce enables MFA, users who already have this enabled won’t experience any changes.

  2. Users who weren’t previously logging in with MFA will be guided through the process to register. Users will need Salesforce’s Authenticator app (screenshot below) on their mobile device to login with MFA.

  3.  To manage at the org level, your Salesforce admin can enable MFA for all direct UI logins (see screenshot below). There will be a 30-day grace period where users can skip registration and login without MFA.

If you need assistance or would like Klient to perform your MFA upgrade, please let us know by booking a meeting with our team.

Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA) on Klient

Download Salesforce Authenticator app