Over the past few months, our team has been quite busy delivering numerous platform upgrades and collaborating closely with our power users to chart the optimal evolution path for our product.

These enhancements reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and respond to the valuable insights shared by our fantastic user community! Based on your latest releases, here’s a recap of the top 5 features you should know.

1. **New Workspace Now Generally Available (Release 48.9)**: This major update officially launches our new Workspace, which was previously in beta. It includes enhancements like task filters in the Global Workspace, export capabilities, a refresh button, and the ability to edit rich text fields directly from the Workspace Grid.

2. **Teams Enhancements (Release 48.8)**: This release presents significant improvements in team management. It simplifies the synchronization between Team and Project Resource Team objects, allowing for easier addition or removal of team members, and introduces a new feature for assigning teams from the Task Side Panel.

3. **Timesheet Approval Enhancements (Release 48.7)**: The Timesheet Approval and My Timesheets interfaces have been made more flexible, with customizable fields in the grouping header and the ability to save last used search values for quicker access.

4. **Manual Scheduling Mode (Release 48.8)**: A new Manual scheduling mode is introduced, giving more control over work schedules and task assignments. This feature allows for changes in tasks and assignments without automatically updating the existing Task Assignments’ dates and schedules.

5. **Invoice PDF Preview Page & Onboarding Wizard Enhancements (Release 48.8)**: The Invoice PDF Preview Page, previously a Beta feature, is now fully available, allowing users to review invoice content before generating a PDF.

These features represent significant strides in enhancing the functionality and user experience of our software, catering to the evolving needs of project management and team coordination.

We look forward to the continued feedback of our users as we strive to enhance their experience with our product further!


BONUS TRACK: (Re)watch our last webinar for a comprehensive overview of the cutting-edge Klient PSA features launched last Fall.

Klient webinar December 2023