Klient Launches Partner Program to Unlock Lucrative Revenue Streams for the North American Salesforce Ecosystem

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[Montreal, November 15th, 2023] — Klient, the trusted global name in Professional Services Automation software, is thrilled to announce its Klient Partner Program, an enticing opportunity for Salesforce Partners and digital transformation businesses evolving in the professional services space to supercharge their earnings by co-selling and implementing our industry-leading platform: Klient PSA. This program promises lifelong commissions, setting the stage for a successful, mutually beneficial partnership.

Happy Customers, Recurring Revenue

Klient’s Partner Program is designed to bring smiles to Salesforce customers and a steady stream of income to our business partners. By joining our ranks, Salesforce Partners can tap into the potential for recurring revenues while helping their clients deliver successful projects every time with Klient PSA, and Klient’s outstanding Advisory Services.

Four North American Partners Officially Join the Program

Klient Partner Program helps Salesforce Partners and Professional Services firms turn happy customers into revenue streams and business growth. Klient’s first partner cohort includes the following companies: Saasinct (USA), Incloud (Canada), Devpresso (Canada) and Ownly (Canada).

“At Klient, we believe in empowering our ecosystem partners for mutual success. Together, we can create new possibilities, foster innovation, and fuel growth in the world of Professional Services Automation.”
Yanick Abraham, CEO
Klient, Salesforce Partner

“As a Salesforce Partner, we’re always searching for innovative ways to delight our clients and expand our horizons. Joining the Klient Partner Program allows us to bring Klient’s PSA technology to the forefront of our service offerings. We’re enthusiastic about the prospect of recurring revenues and empowering our clients with the best PSA tools available.”
Katie Bluth, CEO
Saasinct, Salesforce Partner

“We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Klient, a recognized leader in the market. Their cutting-edge solution outperforms all others currently available in the PSA space, empowering us to provide unparalleled value and productivity to our esteemed customers. It is a privilege to be among the inaugural partners embarking on this extraordinary journey with Klient.”
Dave Lechasseur, Founder
Devpresso, Salesforce Partner

“Klient’s reputation in the global market for Professional Services Automation software is unmatched. We’re proud to be part of the inaugural Klient Partner cohort, alongside such esteemed global companies. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional solutions to our clients. Together, we’re prepared to lead the way in the industry and make a significant impact.”
Eric Bourret, VP of Business Solutions & Partner
Incloud, Salesforce Partner

“Our journey as a Klient Partner promises not only financial success but also the satisfaction of knowing we’re delivering outstanding project success to our clients. The Klient PSA platform provides the means to streamline operations, and that aligns perfectly with our mission. Lifelong commissions and a consistent revenue stream add an extra layer of excitement to our journey towards operational excellence.”
Richard Maltais, Managing Partner
Ownly, Salesforce Partner

Our partners have long tapped into the power of Salesforce business solutions. As the digital transformation landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to working alongside our partners to provide the best PSA technologies and resources our ecosystem has to offer. By championing Klient PSA across their regional markets, our partners will continue to deliver innovative, growth-focused solutions to their customers.

Global customers across five regional markets are using Klient PSA as a powerful Business Operating System that allows them to run their entire firms on Salesforce and propel their growth forward. The timing couldn’t be better for Salesforce Partners to embrace our technology and lead the way toward operational excellence!

Become a Klient Partner

As a Klient Partner, you can embark on a journey toward increased profitability. We understand the unique challenges and demands of the professional services industry. That’s why Klient PSA, our all-in-one Professional Services Automation platform, is trusted by businesses around the world. It’s designed to make projects successful, every time.

Key Program Benefits

Lifelong Commissions: Earn money on every Klient PSA license sold, and enjoy this revenue stream for life. Klient Partners can earn commissions of up to 15% ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), creating a consistent source of income.

Enhanced Earnings: Partnering with Klient allows you to diversify your revenue streams and increase your profitability. By providing your customers with Klient PSA, you’re helping them deliver successful projects, which in turn, will lead to long-lasting relationships and more business opportunities.

Lead Generation Content: Klient commits to boosting the brand awareness of its partners by crafting engaging customer success stories aimed at increasing the visibility of its service offerings and expert teams.

Lead the Way: Stand out as a leader in the industry by offering your customers a comprehensive solution for managing and scaling professional services businesses. Klient PSA empowers teams to streamline their operations, enhance project delivery, and achieve greater success.

How to Join

Becoming a Klient Partner is your runway to financial success and more happy customers! To apply to this exciting program, simply visit our website at https://www.klient.com/partners and follow the easy steps to get started. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in your journey toward sustainable growth and increased profitability!

About Klient

Klient’s leading Professional Services Automation platform, Klient PSA, allows you to make customers happy and keep them coming back for life! Trusted by businesses worldwide, our platform helps organizations deliver successful projects, optimize their operations, and drive growth. With a commitment to excellence, we empower businesses to thrive in the competitive professional services landscape.

Explore our Partner Profiles

For media inquiries and further information about Klient’s Partner Program, please contact:

Andres Restrepo
Marketing Advisor
[email protected]

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