KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) drive decisions in today’s dynamic business landscape, especially for IT consulting firms like ours, where every project and hour counts. If you’ve ever faced challenges in managing multiple projects, resource allocations, or justifying costs, you’re not alone. These very challenges underline the need for robust Project Management Software. And when it comes to such software, Salesforce emerges as a clear leader.

For those in the decision phase of purchasing a PSA, it’s essential to understand the KPIs that genuinely matter. Here are six actionable KPIs to present to your boss, emphasizing the value of investing in Salesforce Project Management Software:

1. Project Completion Rate
When a project runs smoothly, it’s usually on track to meet its deadline. With the Klient platform, you can enhance project management by ensuring timely project execution. Compare your current completion rates with industry benchmarks and highlight the potential uplift with the integration of Salesforce software.

2. Resource Utilization Rate
Efficiency is paramount. The Klient system on Salesforce offers comprehensive resource management capabilities, ensuring that every team member is utilized optimally, regardless of team size. A higher resource utilization rate means more profits and less idle time.

3. Margin and Profitability Analysis
By streamlining processes, you can cut down unnecessary costs. Klient’s in-depth project management features give you clear insights into your project margins and profitability. This KPI will convince higher-ups of the financial benefits of a unified platform.

4. Client Satisfaction Scores
Customer Experience is at the core of any service. With Klient’s feature of real-time project updates and collaboration tools, client satisfaction is bound to skyrocket. Present your current satisfaction scores and showcase the potential improvement with the Klient system.

5. Billing Efficiency
Delayed invoicing or errors can disrupt cash flow. The Klient PSA allows for a seamless billing process, ensuring you get paid on time, every time. A higher billing efficiency rate will undoubtedly get your boss’s attention.

6. Onboarding Time
One of Klient’s key differentiators is simple onboarding. Showcase how the company can transition to the Klient platform over a weekend, ensuring minimal disruption and immediate productivity gains from Monday.

Incorporating these KPIs into your pitch not only showcases the tangible benefits of buying Salesforce Project Management Software but also presents a strong case for the value addition to the company’s bottom line.

Making a significant business decision requires more than just intuition; it needs data and actionable insights. By highlighting these six KPIs, you’re not just suggesting a software purchase – you’re advocating for a brighter, more efficient future for your IT consulting firm. And here’s the best part: achieving this enhanced efficiency and productivity doesn’t have to break the bank. With Klient PSA, you get unparalleled value at a surprisingly affordable rate – just $49/user/month. For consulting resources billing upwards of $150 per hour, the investment in Klient is not only sensible but also a steal.

“We have realized BIG long-term cost savings in net licenses with Klient replacing other software. We’ve gained MASSIVE efficiencies due to time saved by no longer having to synchronize data between multiple systems. Overall, total savings is HUGE for us.” 

Enzo Blasi / CEO @ Incloud
Salesforce Partner
Montreal, Canada

Klient Success Story - InCloud - Enzo Blasi Saving Big with Klient PSA

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