Why you should run your SOC 2 control matrix and IT GRC policies on Salesforce

7 Reasons For Running SOC 2 and GRC Policies on Salesforce

by | Sep 22, 2023 | SOC 2 for Salesforce Partners

You’ve heard the phrase “eating your own dog food,” a business colloquialism that speaks to the act of using your own products to validate their quality. For Salesforce ISV Partners, managing SOC2 Control Matrix and IT Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (IT GRC) Policies on Salesforce is a classic case of practicing what you preach. Needless to say, a vast majority of businesses consider governance, risk, and compliance features when selecting a platform. But what exactly are the advantages of using the Salesforce platform to run your SOC 2 controls and IT GRC Policies?


This blog post explores five business benefits Salesforce delivers when transitioning towards these frameworks.


1. Centralized Control

Running your SOC2 Control Matrix and IT GRC Policies on Salesforce brings everything under one roof. A centralized view aids in real-time monitoring and quick adjustments.

2. Customization

Salesforce’s platform is extraordinarily customizable. You can tailor your SOC2 and IT GRC protocols to fit the specific needs and processes of your organization.

3. Ecosystem Synergy

Your business probably already relies on Salesforce for CRM, customer service, or marketing. Extending the platform to cover governance and compliance streamlines operations and minimizes data silos.

4. Auditing Made Easier

Salesforce has robust built-in auditing features that automatically track changes, making it significantly easier to maintain and prove compliance.

5. High-Security Standards

Salesforce is a SOC2-compliant platform. Running your compliance protocols on a platform that is already aligned with high-security standards assures better protection. From our own experience, by integrating compliance metrics within the CRM we get faster response time to security incidents.

6. Scalability

As your organization grows, so will your compliance requirements. Salesforce’s scalable architecture ensures you’re well-equipped to adapt to these evolving needs.

7. Utilizing Professional Services Automation (PSA) Tools

PSA solutions like Klient PSA offer features explicitly designed for governance, risk management, and compliance. These features can simplify integrating and managing your SOC2 and IT GRC requirements on Salesforce.


Running your SOC 2 Control Matrix and IT GRC Policies on Salesforce isn’t just practical, it’s a strategic move that can simplify compliance, improve security, and provide a competitive edge. The time to integrate is now.

In another blog post of this collection, we explore what SOC 2 compliance can bring to your business as a Salesforce ISV Partner.

Simplify your SOC 2 journey by leveraging tools specifically designed to support governance, risk, and compliance. Join the Klient Ecosystem to gain exclusive access to our Control Matrix templates and IT GRC Policies.


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