Klient PSA New Update For Spring 2020 Release

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Klient Services, PSA New Features

We are excited to share recent product updates from the Spring 2020 Release.

Klient continues to push forward on innovation, user experience, and mobility with these releases,  including the addition of many new Lightning Components, and a brand new mobile experience.

Modern Project Management

Klient Project Management is designed to be both simple and powerful, so anyone can get started quickly and take control of any project right away.

The New Project Task Management Lightning Component offers the ability for users to easily create and manage tasks including rapid inline editing support,  task resource assignment and drag-drop task management.

Teams can quickly add new members and set up tasks, and then easily switch between grid, board, or timeline (Gantt) charts to track progress

The new Project Board Lightning Component offers a modern Kanban board representing project phases,  sprints, or milestones, easily recognizable with drag-drop ease.    The Project Board offers project managers and customers an easy and at-a-glance view of the project structure and progress towards completion.

Modern Task Management

The new Task Lightning Components include the ability to add and update task resource scheduling,  update and completed task checklists,  setup repeating tasks, and enter time against tasks directly from the task record.

Project Timeline Lightning Component

The new Project Timeline Lightning Component provides real-time insight into critical project activities including when project and task hours exceed scheduled,  when project budgets exceed actuals,  when new resources are assigned to projects,  when task statuses are changed, new project notes, issues, and risk are added and more.

Resources can subscribe to these notifications as well (individual notifications or all) and receive an email notification when the event occurs.

Project Activity Lightning Component

The new Project Activity Lightning Component provides the ability to quickly review and create project activity including events, calls, notes, and emails – including the ability to send and tack email replies – directly within the project.

Time Entry Lightning Component 

The update Time Entry Component can be plugged into any record and now with the latest updated,  record details will default into the component – such as the account, project, and task if the time entry lightning component is added to the task record.

You can even add the time entry lightning component to the Salesforce Case record,  where the Case ID will be automatically be associated and tracked against the time entry.

Expense Entry Lightning Component

The new Expense Entry Lightning Component allows rapid expense line creation including the attachement of expense receipts directly from the expense record.

The New Customer External Site

The new Customer External site, available from a link on the project page, enables customers project access without the a user or login required.   Customers can simply access the link and start collaborating on projects including viewing and update tasks in the kanban board, accessing the Gantt chart,  adding files, and adding project notes.

The new “Task Visibility” setting determines if customers can see all project tasks or only tasks you designate to be customer facing.

You can also determine this site should be read-only for customers, only allowing the addition of notes and attachments.

Modern Work Management  – Lightning Design

With the Spring released we are further modernized the user experience of the My Work page – the central area to manage all project tasks from once central location.   The updated My Work page is now built on the Lightning Design System.

Template Project Insight

We are now storing the template project and id on created projects so now service leaders can compare template project estimates  vs actual project performance.

Xero OAuth 2.0 support

We have now moved the Xero integration to support OAuth 2.0 as required by Xero. All customers including existing Xero integration customers must re-authenticate the Xero integration upon installation.

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