Ideagen In Strategic Partnership With Klient Software To Enhance Its Professional Services Operations

by | Nov 1, 2019 | Customers, Klient, News

Written by Yanick Abraham

Yanick is a passionate about PSA industry. With more than 12 years of experience in Salesforce Ecosystem, he loves to share his expertise and tips to help consulting businesses to scale faster.

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Ideagen has entered into a strategic partnership with a leading professional service automation software provider as it looks to enhance its resource management operations.

The Nottingham-based Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) leader will work with Canadian software firm Klient Software.

Klient is next generation professional services automation software which is deployed and built on Salesforce, the leading cloud CRM platform.

Klient will enable Ideagen’s customer delivery team to manage resources across all projects for all products. The software will also provide an easier integration path for all new acquisitions into the
wider Ideagen Group.

Amanda O’Neill, Ideagen’s Head of Service Delivery, said:

“Klient’s outstanding product – native to Salesforce – will help us truly take our professional services
operations to the next level which can only benefit our growing, global customer base.”

Ideagen currently has over 5,000 customers globally using its suite of GRC software, but that figure will expand due to the company’s strategic ‘buy-and-build’ acquisition strategy.

Amanda continued:

“Klient’s software, and the team behind it, are the perfect fit for Ideagen. We firmly believe that Klient will transform our professional services operation and provide us with the most connected and collaborative platform for customer success.”

Klient Software delivers an intuitive and modern solution for professional services automaton. It’s software helps companies transform service delivery and client success via a single application to
manage the performance and profitability of every project, delivering visibility across the entire business.

David Vanheukelom, CEO of Klient Software, said of the tie in with Ideagen: “We are looking forward to working with Ideagen, which is one of the most ambitious and rapidly growing technology firms in the world.

“Ideagen and Klient share the same fundamental beliefs in that the success of the client is of paramount importance to the success of the business. We are absolutely delighted that Ideagen has
chosen to work with Klient and we look forward to playing an important part in the future success of the company.”

Mr Vanheukelom added: “It is great to partner with such a forward-thinking and customer-centric organisation in the form of Ideagen. This project is especially exciting because it combines our
cutting-edge Klient software with Ideagen’s customer success and elite professional service mindset.”

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