Allow me to introduce myself, my name is KORG!

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KORG - Klient Org

Written by Yanick Abraham

Yanick is a passionate about PSA industry. With more than 12 years of experience in Salesforce Ecosystem, he loves to share his expertise and tips to help consulting businesses to scale faster.

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We have rebranded our Klient Internal Salesforce Org to KORG.  Naming and providing code names to systems and processes does help with change management, adoption and unity. Klient can now count on KORG to rally its workforce!

This is an internal communication in our Slack channel but we thought it could be interesting for others to read.

From Yanick Abraham, CEO & Experience Builder @ Klient. Posted on Internal Slack Channel “everyone-at-klient”

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is KORG!

KORG is now part of the Klient family! We’ve rebranded our internal Salesforce org, our Klient Org, to KORG!

I’ve learned about code naming systems or processes from one of our clients, Mathieu at Munvo, where they named their Salesforce implementation of Klient “NSync” and they even had a special name for their accounting team,“GTD,” Getting Things Done. One of the first things @Martin Cloutier from Drakya asked for when he joined was to name the Salesforce Org. Drakya chose “DFS,” Drakya’s Fantastic System!

Labeling systems and processes helps with change management, adoption and it simplifies the discussion.
Put it on KORG, have you looked on KORG, I’ve built-it on KORG, start a project on KORG and do your timesheet on KORG! 😛

Our chosen name is the combination of “Klient” and “Org,” KORG (for the newbie, an “Org”, Organisation, refers to a Salesforce environment where a business operates).

After a few google searches and asking around, KORG doesn’t seem to be offensive in any language. Beyond a piano company, the most interesting thing named KORG is this beautiful Marvel Universe character that I came to appreciate! This confirmed the name KORG for me. This character is solid, bold, funny, loyal, awkward, deep, sweet – I love the guy, I want to be KORG, we are KORG! 🙂

The first order of business for KORG is to get back in shape!

As part of our 2022 plan we are becoming more secure than ever. We will soon be Salesforce Security reviewed(again), and Klient will be SOC2 and ISO27001 certified. To get there, we have to implement, execute and monitor several internal controls. So, in the upcoming weeks and months we will be providing KORG some nice upgrades! You will definitely hear the name KORG a few times!

I strongly recommend you watch this 4 min video of Korg, the Marvel character. He makes me laugh every time I think of him!

And now, let’s welcome KORG to the Klient family!


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