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Grow Your Team with Quality Talent

by | Jul 5, 2023

Are you looking to hire outstanding team members to grow your organization? If so, you’ll need an effective and repeatable HR process to screen and compare candidates at scale.

Internally, we’ve found that the best way to achieve this is to implement a solid templatized process to benchmark every candidate and compare apples to apples.

Doing so empowers you to make educated hiring decisions and contributes to building a high-performing team that fits your company culture perfectly.

Our 6-touch tempatized HR process involves:

  1. an initial call with the candidate to discuss mutual expectations,
  2. a Trailhead challenge (Battle Station),
  3. a Psychometric Test (Atman),
  4. one simulation (production skills test),
  5. one talk with the candidate’s potential manager to present our job offer and expand on the role envisioned for the future teammate,
  6.  continuous nurturing of the new hire until he assumes his new role.

We are also sharing here some examples of what we consider throughout the hiring process at Klient to attract top talent to our team:

  • How responsive is the candidate? For example, every Klient candidate submits a Battle Station test in Salesforce. If it takes them a month to submit their project that tells me we won’t be a good fit.
  • How does the candidate react to your process? Do they show confidence during tests or do they panic when you throw them a curveball they didn’t expect?
  • Do you analyze results in the same way with every candidate? If you approach test results and other notes differently for each candidate, it will be difficult to get an accurate read on who’s your best fit.

By implementing this type of talent acquisition process, you can improve your screening efficiency and onboarding capacities substantially. Acquiring top talents in a work environment characterized by human resources shortage is not the easiest thing to do. That is why planning and executing at scale becomes so critical today

PS: One last tip, ABR—Always Be Recruiting! Mobilize your networks and keep your eyes on up-and-coming talent who could become valuable assets for your organization in the possible future.


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