Find Your Ideal Candidates with Psychometric Tests

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Find Your Ideal Candidates with Psychometric Tests

by | Jun 26, 2023

Having a hard time finding candidates with the right aptitudes and culture fit for your business?

Add psychometric tests to your HR recruiting process to screen and benchmark every candidate against your existing team!

You can assess hard skills and how a candidate interacts with you and your team during interviews and practical tests. But psychometric tests fill in the gaps that these processes tend to have. With a Psychometric test you can:

  • Measure a candidate’s ability to solve problems and understand complex ideas
  • Understand the personality of the candidate
  • Identify their basic needs and preferences
  • Make sure your values are aligned
  • Find the right seat for the right people

At Klient, we use the Atman test to evaluate every candidate and suggest other Salesforce partners do the same. Why? It’s a comprehensive psychometric assessment that provides easy-to-interpret results you can use to boost performance and foster happiness at work.

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