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7 Ways PSA Software Helps Sales Teams Improve Their Results

by | May 2, 2016 | Professional Services Automation

Is your Sales & Delivery Team Aligned?

There are many ways to improve business results. Selling more products and services is the strategy many sales teams focus on. But don’t overlook the tremendous benefit you could see simply by improving your internal operations. In fact, these two things go hand in hand. As your sales team brings in more business, your consultants and service delivery team will have more clients and customers to serve. The more you sell, the more benefit you will see by improving your sales and service delivery process. Professional Service Automation (PSA) klient PSA software is designed to help you with this process. When implemented well, PSA software helps you deliver better results, while requiring less labor for you and your team.

Here are 7 ways PSA software can help you improve results:

1. Better Visibility for Everyone Involved

In many organizations, different departments use different systems to organize their work. For example, let’s assume your organization is like many service organizations: you have a sales team charged with bringing in clients, and you have a team of consultants who deliver your service. In this scenario, your sales organization might work entirely from a CRM such as And your consultants might work from a completely separate project management system. Because your two teams work in these two separate systems, your sales reps can’t see what’s happening with their accounts after the deal has been closed. In the same way, your consultants can’t see what’s happening with an account during the sales negotiation process. PSA software solves this problem. It ties your Sales team’s database together with your consulting team’s project management software.

Everyone sees the same data from a single database, and everyone can stay informed about what’s happening.

2. Real-time Visibility

Daily reporting is great, but it’s also just a “snapshot in time.” Sales situations change rapidly; what was true for an account yesterday might not be true today. That means reports you printed this morning might not be current by the time you have your management meeting later in the day.

PSA software works in real time. When you pull up an account, the data you see will be current in the moment, not as of last night.

3. Accessible Documentation (Both Previous and Current)

When using PSA software, everyone in your organization can see the full history of an account, not just the part their team was involved in. This helps everyone. If a sales rep takes over an account, for example, she’ll be able to see everything that happened with a client, including both the notes from the sales process and from the delivery of the service itself.

Unlike most CRM or project management software solutions, PSA software captures the full story of a client’s history.

4. Accurate Data

Gathering accurate data can be a major challenge, especially for managers. It some organizations, it is not unusual for sales managers to spend days hunting down the information they need to create a report. PSA software gives managers one place they can go to get the most up-to-date information. And the data they find will be both accurate and current.

Whether you’re trying to resolve a commission dispute or prepare a report for your executive team, PSA software makes the process much easier.

5. Standardized Reporting

When we work with companies, we sometimes find multiple people within their organization are spending hours every week manually creating similar reports. Eliminating the duplication of work will free up resources in your organization. But beyond that, PSA software can help you standardize the information that’s being presented to managers and executives across your company.

This can be a major improvement for everyone involved and can eliminate the discrepancies in reporting that are often the source of many clarifying questions and emails within your organization.

6. Profit and Cost Analysis Per Project

How many hours did your sales team spend closing the deal for a specific clients? How many hours did your consulting team team spend in research, prep, and delivery once the sale was made? Finding clear answers to these questions is often a major challenge in many organizations. Sometimes it requires managers to ask around to see how much time and energy was invested in a client, along with some manual calculations or some work in Excel. Using PSA software to track profitability means you won’t have to do any calculating at all.

The profitability per client is tracked automatically and can be found easily in your standard reports—no manual calculations required.

7. Optimized Resource Allocation

Here’s a situation that happens all the time: One of your consultants is buried in work. She’s had multiple deals close in her territory in recent weeks. She’s working long hours to keep up. At the same time, another consultant is short on work. Nothing in his territory has closed in weeks. He’s staying busy with training or other administrative duties, but it’d be better if he were working with clients doing his job. PSA software can help you establish rules about who gets what work when, including how to handle resource needs like the one we’ve just described. This leads to a more efficient use of the talent you have on staff.

It also helps keep everyone busy, without leading to burnout.

What’s The Payoff?

More sales, better service, improved customer experiences: that’s the promise of PSA software.

Klient’s PSA software product is designed to help you achieve all these things—and more. If you’re interested in learning how Klient Software can help your company, we invite you to get in touch. We’d be glad to learn more about your business and projects.

Sincerely yours, Klient Team

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