Plan Your Summer, Review Time Off Requests

In this video, Dominic explains how to visualize and manage time off requests using Klient, and covers topics such as:

NCreating time off requests
NApproval process
NResource planner view
NTimesheet sync
NCalendar view

Understanding how to efficiently manage time off requests is crucial for project management. This video provides valuable insights into ensuring smooth operations even when team members are on leave.

$Improved Scheduling: Efficient time off management helps in planning and scheduling tasks without disruptions.
$Resource Allocation: Knowing who is on leave allows for better allocation of resources.
$Project Continuity: Properly managing time offs ensures that projects continue smoothly without delays.
$Enhanced Communication: Clear visibility of time off requests improves communication within the team.
$Employee Satisfaction: A streamlined process for requesting and approving time off boosts employee morale and satisfaction.

Introduction [0:00]
Greetings everyone! Dominic for another ‘How I Solved It with Klient.’ On this one, I want to answer a question from a user that wanted to remain anonymous. “How can we visualize time off requests?” So I’m going to be showing the time off feature from Klient and also a neat trick leveraging the Salesforce platform to display overall time offs in our business.

Creating a Time Off Request [0:23]
Each user will be able to create a new request by reaching the Global Action list or the object itself. After you’ve selected the type of time off, their date range and provided some notes for context, you will be able to review and send for approval. This will be routed to the proper person based on the context.

Approval Process [0:50]
As an approver, you will be able to review using a list view or reaching to your notifications and look at the approval request directly. From here, you can approve or dig into the request to get more details. Once satisfied, you can either approve or reject, providing some comments for context.

Resource Planner View [1:14]
As time offs are approved, they will be visible on your Resource Planner for a global understanding of the impact of those time offs. Expanding for each resource, you’ll be able to see the projects that would need to be reviewed either to delay, reassign, or take some action based on the time off that were added. Holiday dates from each resource’s calendars are also visible on the Resource Planner.

Timesheet Sync [1:40]
As a consultant, your time off will be added automatically to your timesheets once it’s approved, so that you only need to submit once you’re done.

Calendar View [1:52]
And my final trick, use Calendar to represent all time offs that have been approved or submitted so that you can have that into a calendar view. So using a list view from time off splits for approved or submitted, you can also list that into that form for your benefit of having a global understanding of everyone’s time offs requested.

Conclusion [2:16]
Thanks. Have a great day!