Managing My Work As A Developer

In this video, we explore how to manage work efficiently as a developer using Klient and cover topics such as:

NTask prioritization
NTeam communication
NLogging work hours
NUsing Kanban view
NProgress tracking

Understanding how to manage work as a developer is crucial for productivity and project success. This video offers valuable insights into optimizing workflow and collaboration.

$Task Prioritization: Learning to prioritize tasks ensures that the most important and urgent work gets done first.
$Effective Communication: Collaborating with your team through clear communication helps avoid misunderstandings and keeps everyone on the same page.
$Time Management: Logging hours accurately allows for better project tracking and resource allocation.
$Utilizing Tools: Using project management tools like Klient enhances efficiency and organization.
$Successful Project Completion: Following these strategies leads to successful project outcomes and improved performance.

Introduction (0:00)
Hi everyone! In today’s video, I will be talking about ‘How I Solved It With Klient’ to managing my work as a developer. In today’s agenda, I would like to share some insight into how I efficiently manage my work list, collaborate with my team, and ensure that I close out my planned work efficiently.

Agenda (0:20)
The foundation of productive work lies in meticulous planning and organization. To manage my work list efficiently, I start by prioritizing tasks based on the urgency and importance. For this, we have a priority field on tasks, which states the importance and urgency of that task. We have a status field, which states the current status, and we have a description field, which states the requirement for the task. No project can be completed in isolation, teamwork is important. So informing QA to test the story and informing my manager that the story is ‘dev completed’ and it’s ready for QA now, and any other discussion related to the requirement. For this, we have Chatter tab to easily make communication and teamwork within an organization. Closing out my plan work includes logging the hours I spend developing that task. For this, we will go to the Time tab and directly log my hours or we can use the My Timesheet to log the hours against the task.

Managing My Work in Kanban View (1:22)
Let’s jump to Klient and see how I do my work using Klient. We have a Kanban view in Klient, which shows all the tasks related to the projects and all. We have a task filter with ‘My work’ by which we can easily get the work assigned to me. The first thing I do, I will look into the task with priority. This task has the ‘high priority’ and this task is assigned to me for today. So first thing I will do is prioritizing this task over any other task to do. Second thing I will do, I will go to the ‘Details’ tab and look into the description and the requirement of this task. I will go through all the requirement, and understand what I do in this task.

Team Collaboration with Chatter (2:13)
If I have any doubt or any query related to this task, I will just Chatter. I will just do a Chatter post to my colleague and ask any question. The second thing, when I start this work I will mark it into ‘In progress’. Once I complete this task, I will mark it ‘Ready for QA’. Next, I will go to the Chatter and inform my QA colleague that this task is ready for QA now, and she can easily come to know that this task is completed and it’s ready for QA. Once she completed the QA and make it ‘QA completed’, I will again go to the ‘Details’ tab and raise the changes in GitHub and create a PR for that. I will create a PR and copy the PR link to this task and make it available for everyone to get it merged.

Logging Time (3:31)
The next thing is logging my time against this task. So I can easily go to the ‘Time’ tab and log the hours against this task I spend doing.

Conclusion (3:53)
So we can see how easily I can do the work by using Klient and we can efficiently manage my work list, collaborate closely with my team and delicately closing out the planned work. We can achieve our goals and drive our project to a successful completion. Thanks everyone!