5 Best Reasons to Manage your Projects on Salesforce

by | Sep 3, 2015

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Businesses have many choices available to them when looking at tools to manage work, including task and project management.  While every organization can be unique in their requirements, we believe there exist a few core tenants that separate tools for managing work and project activities, to tools that can transform they way you manage your business and deliver the insight required to truly drive business performance.

Here are five reasons we believe Salesforce CRM is the best platform to manage your tasks and projects:

1. Improve collaboration and insight between sales, marketing, and services delivery teams.

By having all your projects on Salesforce will ensure complete visibility into upcoming project activity and project delivery in a single application, ensuring the entire organization is aligned on sales and delivery. By having upcoming projects available directly on an opportunity means the services delivery team can be better prepared for what’s coming down the pipe. Sales people can review project status and details directly on an account before engaging in sales activity that may be impacted by current project delivery.

Taking it one step further, by managing your marketing projects in Salesforce, the entire sales and delivery team can gain insight and be prepared for campaigns that may impact services strategy and deliverables in the coming quarters.

2. Better manage project planning and resource utilization

Understanding not only where resources are currently utilized with inflight projects, but also what resources will be required for upcoming projects are critical to resource planning and utilization.

By having complete visibility into upcoming projects from opportunities combined with inflight projects on accounts will help increase utilization and profit margins for services companies with better resource and capacity planning.

3. Work Smarter

Using the power of Salesforce dashboards, reporting, and analytics enables executives and delivery teams to have the insight into the status of projects and tasks across the organization.

Combining Salesforce CRM with Project Management data in a single application translates into a powerful tool to analyze where work is being done, the impact of utilization and margin profitability on accounts and territories, capacity planning based on services opportunity pipeline, and so much more in a single application.

4. Work without comprise

The power of the Salesforce Platforms means businesses can work the way they want, without comprise with the worlds #1 enterprise cloud platform. Project Management on Salesforce means you can meet the unique needs of your organization with the ability to add custom fields, custom formulas, create workflows and approvals; create dashboards and reports, and so much more. Work on your projects from any device – from desktop to mobile and everything in between with the industry’s leading mobile platform. Manage all your tasks, projects, reports, collaboration, and CRM data from one unified mobile application. Finally, have comfort with the Salesforce1 platform delivering enterprise class security and privacy support, with over 150,000 customers around the world.

5. Engage your users

Project Management on Salesforce is simpler, more intuitive, mobile, and built for the future. Designed for the way you work, no expertise is required to quickly accomplish a task or manage a project from any device. Increase user adoption by giving them a tool they want to use everyday, increasing productivity and engagement. The new Lightning User Experience is modern, efficient and intelligent, enabling people to work faster, smarter and the way they want.

Bonus: Klient is 100% Native on Salesforce

Here’s the good news… Klient is PSA solution built 100% native on Salesforce. This means that you get all the benefits of using a Salesforce PSA and the best business pratices from at the same time. Designed with customers at the core, Klient provides a way for project teams to work hand in hand with customers from sales through services delivery. Our platform supports the complete billable projects lifecycle, including proposals and contracts, project and resource management, time and expense tracking, project billing, revenue recognition, project accounting, and
analytics—all within a single, unified solution.

If you want to learn more reasons to use Klient PSA native on Salesforce,
click the link below to download our free brochure:

“7 Reasons to Run Your Service Business Natively”

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