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Boost Your Salesforce Adoption Success with a Named ORG

by | Jul 18, 2023

As a Project Manager consulting on Salesforce implementation solutions, you know user adoption can make or break a project. Are you looking for innovative ways to boost team buy-in? Try giving a name to your Salesforce Orgs! This exercise is more than just fun and unifying. It also provides clarity while improving employee adoption.

For context, an “Org” is a deployment of Salesforce with a defined set of licensed users. An organization is a digital workspace provided to a B2B customer of Salesforce. Moreover, an org acts as a container for the customer’s Salesforce data and is the basis for all business operations.

Here’s how to guide your clients through the naming process of their Orgs:

1- Start by understanding your client’s business and the purpose of their Salesforce Org.
2- Brainstorm possible names that resonate with teams. Suggested terms should be easy to remember and easy to pronounce too. In any language, stay away from offensive expressions or words.
3- Facilitate feedback sessions with your client’s team. Their input will ensure that the new name is acceptable to all by giving the group a sense of ownership over the co-designed brand.
4- Make sure the name decided is used and promoted consistently across all project communications and internal channels.
5- Track named Org usage and encourage your client to continue using it beyond the deployment project lifecycle.

As a consulting Project Manager, your mission often extends beyond system implementation, leading to the promotion of user adoption. By helping clients to name their Salesforce Org, you can create a shared identity that eases communication, boosts adoption, and ultimately contributes to the success of your project.

For our Org at Klient, we picked KORG, a contraction between the terms “Klient” and “ORG”. The name also refers to a lovely Marvel character you might be familiar with. Read the full story of how we set up KORG.

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