Klient New Features Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

Klient New Features Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience

New Products and Expanded Features Deliver Unmatched Innovation in Professional Services Automation and Client Onboarding Technology.

Klient Software, the service experience platform developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery, today announced new solutions and features as part of the latest release.

Summary highlights of new and expanded features include:

Project Manager Experience

Now Project Managers can create and maintain sophisticated client projects by adding multiple project or task templates in the order specified to stitch together the creation of a project. Additionally templates can be added after project creation to expand projects with additional phases as an example.

New functionality to create recurring tasks now let managers easily create project tasks that repeat during the project lifecycle and need to be scheduled and tracked for resource availability such as a weekly client meeting or weekly training.

The new project board view enables users the ability to view and complete project tasks by defined project phases. An example would be a software implementation with defined task phases including kick-off, requirements gathering, configuration, testing, training, and deployment phases, all delivered in an easy to understand and use drag-drop project kanban board.

Consultant Experience

A new Chrome Extension enables consultants the ability to instantly view, search, and take action upon project tasks without needing to navigate away from a current web page while performing project work.

A new Timesheet Lightning Component is now available to add to any page layout to easily track time without requiring the users to navigate away to the timesheet page. The new timesheet component can be added to any page including projects, tasks, or even support cases to tracking time. The component can be added as a global action, making it available at the top of the navigation bar permanently.

Enhanced timesheet functionality includes the ability to recall submitted timesheets that have yet to be approved to immediately make changes and re-submit. This new functionality is configurable to turn on or off for a subset of users as desired.

Customer Experience

An updated project status report available to customers now displays additional project insight including the ability to define any configurable fields for display including custom fields. Project Statues reports are available to customers online or delivered by email.

A brand new external site available for customers to collaborate on projects is now available requiring no license or login for customer access. Customers can collaborate on task completion, viewing Gantt charts, access project files, and update project notes all from a dedicated project portal.

Service Leadership Experience

A new survey API enables service leaders the ability to drag and drop business rules using Salesforce Process Builder to define when surveys should automatically be distributed to customers.

New analytic reports for services leaders include the new NPS Survey Report and the new Resource Capacity Planning report. The NPS Survey report displays customer NPS trending analysis to gage the health of customer implementations. The Resource Capacity Planning report enables service leaders to forecast supply and demand of resources including projects still in planning.

Finance Experience

Enhanced integration with accounting vendor Accounting Seed includes the ability to synchronize projects and tasks created in Klient to Accounting Seed. Additionally, we have updated the Invoice mapping to send Project and Task data mapped in the Invoice to Accounting Seed.

Expanded integrations with vendors Quickbooks and Xero include updates to multi-currency, multi-company and global taxation support.

About Klient Software

Klient PSA is the service experience platform developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery. Built 100% native on Salesforce®, Klient delivers complete customer visibility from sales through service delivery, a modern and seamless customer experience, fully transparent communication between the project team and client to ensure alignment of expectations, integrated customer feedback, and real-time integration with existing back-office systems for more successful project implementation and greater customer success.

Integrating PSA With The Solutions That Drive Your Services Business

Integrating PSA With The Solutions That Drive Your Services Business

To take full advantage of the features and functionality offered by a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution, it is highly recommended to integrate it with the other applications your project teams and business are using.

While a robust PSA platform on its own can bring much needed efficiency, integrations with other business tools your organization is already using can help visualize and manage all aspects of your company’s projects.

Research has shown that the highest performing services organizations excel in their use of integrated technology solutions. While many professional services organizations utilize financial management, CRM, and PSA solutions to efficiently plan, sell, and execute services, those that perform the best drive even better results through the integration of these core applications.

Information should be integrated so that it can be seamlessly passed from one application to another (for example, from CRM to PSA to ERP). This allows organizations to have a single source of the truth, with information constantly updated to provide an accurate view across functions and processes. Financial executives can ensure revenues and costs are aligned while service delivery can focus on productivity and quality.

By integrating CRM, PSA, and ERP, you allow your Sales team to see what resources are available and the status of projects to provide more accurate information to clients. Service delivery teams can see the schedule of upcoming projects and details of the client relationship to be proactive with communication, change orders and resource scheduling. And Finance gets an accurate picture of revenue and costs to ensure they are kept in balance so cash flow is improved and business plans and forecasts are accurate.

How Klient PSA Makes Integration Simpler

Built 100% native on the Salesforce platform, Klient delivers and supports real-time connections with the applications that drive services businesses, ensuring a customer-centric solution and the best professional services experiences for clients.

With direct integration into accounting software and ERPs like QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage Intacct, every minute of billable time is accounted for. Invoices can be automatically generated and managed, and clients billed directly.

Integration with other commonly-used business solutions like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, etc., will set every team in a services business up for success, as each will benefit from increased visibility and streamlined management of operations that contribute to faster ticket closing, higher customer satisfaction and dramatic jumps in productivity.

To learn more about Klient PSA’s integrations, visit: https://klient.com/integrations/