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Keep Your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Simple

by | Jul 4, 2023

Imagine your project as a journey where your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is your roadmap. But what happens if your pathway is filled with too many twists and turns, secondary streets and narrow lanes? It gets confusing, right?

Your WBS helps you plan your route, showing the main stops of your optimal path to success. If you cram it with too many details, it becomes convoluted, unproductive and seemingly less helpful.

Why should you care? If your WBS is too complex, you’ll likely use it at the project’s start and then leave it aside. It becomes too hard to update and understand. But, a simple, clear WBS helps you “sell” your project to clients and makes it easier to manage the project over time.

To keep your WBS useful and manageable, remember these points:

1- Keep your WBS simple. Let the main track show project sections, with parent tasks as phases.

2- Don’t get too detailed. Limit the tasks to one or two levels.

3- Synthetize workflows. Use description fields to detail tasks and checklists to break down steps.

4- Focus on what is essential. Use filters and statuses to focus on what’s important at every stage of the project.

By doing this, you can ensure your project roadmap remains clear and useful, guiding you to a successful journey’s end.

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