Streamline Your SOC 2 Compliance Journey with an Automation Platform

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Streamline Your SOC 2 Compliance Journey with an Automation Platform

by | Jun 29, 2023

Struggling with the rigorous process required to hit all milestones and stay in compliance with your SOC 2 certification?

Here’s a game-changing approach: build your Business Operating System so that you can run the entire SOC 2 compliance process on the same platform.

Why run your SOC 2 compliance on a single, unified platform? This compliance demands regular audits and stringent operations, requiring a clearly defined and meticulously documented control matrix for effective risk management through IT Governance. Comprehensive policies and procedures must be established to ensure compliance and effective operation within the organization.

While there’s no rule stating you need to document and execute your entire processes on a single platform, audits will be much more difficult and time-consuming if your SOC 2 process is scattered. Plus, it’s easier to follow up with all stakeholders involved when all your policies and procedures are centralized in a single place.

At Klient, we’ve centralized our SOC 2 process. You can do the same:

1- Chose one platform to run your business. Use Salesforce with Klient to run your entire SOC 2 compliance process.

2- Treat your control matrix as a project. Represent each Control as a Task, including the official description and the internal expectation for the control.

3- Link Tasks to your policies and procedure. Insert URLs leading to your important documents such as your code of ethics and all other policies in the control tasks.

4- Assign tasks so people can deliver. Enforce accountability and ensure nothing falls through the cracks by assigning tasks.

5- Keep track of dates. Some processes are time-sensitive; use milestones with reminders to never miss a deadline.

6- Accumulate your evidence. Keep evidence on the control tasks directly, making it a dream for your auditors, since they have access to everything at once.

7- Continuously monitor. If you’ve kept everything in one place, you’ll always be up-to-date with your SOC 2 process, thus making the annual review and audit much easier.

8- Templatize and reuse. Never start from scratch. Your SOC 2 Project should be a template in your Business Operating System to start the new year efficiently and securely.

Running your SOC 2 processes in a way that makes it easy to share with your auditors and provides tools to empower your employees is crucial. No matter where you choose to house your SOC 2 process, make it safe, secure, and scalable.

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