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Klient Tips #7


klient tips for team members 7

Always lead with your “why”

Do you communicate your ideas with colleagues? If not… you should

Let’s say you’re describing a new feature to your dev team. You specify a button should appear on the top right of the interface.


Is there a reason for that placement? For example, will it provide a better UX? Will it reduce scroll time?

Or is it an arbitrary choice?

If devs don’t understand your “why”, your desired outcome may get lost in the process. And if you don’t understand your why, either — reconsider giving that specification at all.

Inspired by Start With Why by Simon Sinek, we encourage you to lead the way with your own “why” for everything you create.

Inside Klient PSA, we made this process easy by adding a “why” section at the top of all requirements document templates.

But even if you use another tool — always start with the why for every feature, idea, or process you want to pitch!


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