Boost Productivity with Salesforce Favorites

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Boost Productivity with Salesforce Favorites

by | Jun 26, 2023

If you log every line of data and every project update in Salesforce diligently, great job! But, if you’re struggling to sift through all that info to find your go-to items and records you need every day, here’s an easy solution:

Use Salesforce Favorites to keep frequently used items at your fingertips and boost productivity!

You’ll save time by minimizing search efforts and clicks. By having fast access to your essential items, you can free your brain to focus on what matters — improving the productivity of your team.

Here’s how to create your Favorites list in Salesforce:

1- Identify your most frequently accessed project records or items. This will depend on your role, current project, accountability, and objectives.

2- Open the item you want to save, then click the star symbol in the top right corner to add it to your Favorites list. For example, you could choose a resource planner, client portfolio, or custom dashboard.

3- Repeat for every item you want to save.

4- Re-order your Favorites list in descending priority — keep this up to date as your priorities change.

Professionals waste a considerable amount of their time searching for project documentation. Instead of wasting your time and energy looking for information, start adding your go-to items to your Favorites list today.

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