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Klient Partner

A leading IT services and Salesforce consulting firm delivering tangible impacts to connected businesses.

Ownly helps clients succeed by implementing best-in-class software solutions that simplify processes, increase synergy and allow for sustainable and scalable growth.

Delivering achievable objectives, their team is committed to unlocking the full potential of the three most important pillars of your business: empowering the best talents, implementing the best technologies and adopting the best practices to drive operational excellence.

How is Ownly driving success with Klient PSA

Ownly is driving success by providing its customers with real-time insights, confident forecasting, enhanced collaboration, and improved resource & project management capacities on the world’s #1 CRM platform: Salesforce. 


“Our journey as a Klient Partner promises not only financial success but also the satisfaction of knowing we’re delivering outstanding project success to our clients. The Klient PSA platform provides the means to streamline operations, and that aligns perfectly with our mission. Lifelong commissions and a consistent revenue stream add an extra layer of excitement to our journey towards operational excellence.

Richard Maltais

Managing Partner, Ownly, Salesforce Partner

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Klient Partner FAQ

What does a Klient Partner get paid on?

Unlock Sustainable Revenue Streams and Earn in Multiple Ways as a Klient Partner:


  • Revenue Share on Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for licenses.
  • Enjoy a base commission of 10%, with the opportunity to escalate it up to 15%.
  • This is not a one-time deal. You get paid yearly for the length of the initial contract, usually spanning 3 years.
  • Want to make it a lifetime gig? Become our joint customer's trusted advisor, and keep that revenue flowing indefinitely!


  • Implement Klient and generate service revenues.
  • Make it a repeat business with your customer!
  • Klient will help you scope your project but it will be your SOW and you keep all the implementation revenue.
How can I get the 15% revenue share?

Elevate your earnings! You start with a 10% commission on Klient's Product. But here's the kicker: if our customer increases their spending with Klient by more than 20% in the second year, your revenue share shoots up to 15%. The best part? We'll keep it at 15%!

How to make it Revenue Share for Life?

Longevity is the name of the game. Keep our joint customers happy and scaling, and we'll keep the commissions coming. Stay active as their trusted advisor post-implementation plus remain an official Salesforce Partner and you're looking at a lifetime of earnings. We'll even send out customer satisfaction surveys to ensure everyone's pleased as punch. Happy customers equal happy payouts! *This apply to Klient's Implementation Partner only. Referral Partner will be paid on the contract duration of the initial order form.

Do we still receive Revenue Share if there is a Discount?

Discounts are something we prefer to avoid, but sometimes they are necessary. In such cases, only Klient has the authority to approve discounts on Klient products. If a discount greater than 10% is applied, the referral fee percentage will be reduced by the same percentage amount that exceeds the 10% discount threshold. Rest assured, any decision to offer a discount greater than 10% will be made collaboratively, following a discussion between both parties.

Do I need to use Klient to become a Partner?
To unlock the "Revenue Share for Life" mode and become a joint-customer trusted advisor, you'll need to use Klient for your own projects. If not, no worries—you'll still benefit from a 10% revenue share for the initial contract duration.
Can we make revenue by implementing Klient?
You bet! Post-onboarding, each customer typically has a Gap List that requires custom development and automation. That's where you come in. As a Klient Implementation Partner, you'll handle Salesforce interconnections, additional training, and ongoing services. Cash in on these opportunities!
How to Sell Klient?

No need to reinvent the wheel. We've got a treasure trove of sales collateral ready for you. Plus, our Partner Team is your backstage coach, showing you how to demo and scope Klient projects like a pro.

How do you support us during implementation?

You're never flying solo. You will be assigned a dedicated partner manager and the team has your back, offering daily office hours with our advisory experts. And let's not forget—you'll have unrestricted access to the Klient knowledge base.

Join the Klient Partner Program now and make more than just connections. Turn happy customers into recurring revenue.

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