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Master Project Management with a 100% Native Salesforce™ App

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Essential Tools for Salesforce™ SI Partners

The Ultimate AppExchange App Your Clients Need to Own

Are your clients navigating through a maze of project and resource management tools like Asana,, and Jira, alongside Salesforce™? Introduce them to Klient PSA, a 100% native Salesforce™ app that unifies CRM, Project Management and Ressource Planning capabilities within their existing Salesforce™ environment.

By mastering your Salesforce™ toolbox and owning your Klient Industry, you’ll improve operational efficiency for your customers, eliminating the hassle and complexity of managing multiple systems.

What You Will Learn at a Klient Lunch & Learn

At the latest Salesforce™ World Tour in NYC, we kept hearing from Salesforce™ consultants, “There are so many cool apps out there, we’re sure we are missing out on!” Our Lunch & Learn is here to change that. Dive into the AppExchange with us, discover essential tools for SIs like Klient PSA, and instantly elevate your consulting service offerings!

Why Klient PSA for Your Customers?

Centralized Project and Resource Management:

Unified Platform

Streamline project management, resource scheduling, and more on a single platform, cutting the need to switch between systems.

Full Compatibility with All Salesforce™ Products

Klient perfectly meshes with Sales Cloud, CPQ, Service Cloud, Slack, and every Salesforce™ cloud for a unified user experience.

Industry Versatility

No matter the sector—Financial Services, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Higher Education, Nonprofit—Klient solutions tailors to your customers’ specific needs.

Why All Salesforce™ SI Should Attend Our Lunch & Learn?

Solving Real Customer Problems:

Tailored Demos

Experience live demos specific to your industry showing how Klient PSA resolves Salesforce™ disconnects and operational gaps.

Evaluation Tools

Get an evaluation grid to pinpoint improvement areas instantly.

Unlock New Opportunities:

Industry Leadership:

Equip yourself with the most advanced tools to dominate your market.

Service Revenues

Leverage Klient PSA’s functionalities to generate substantial service revenue from implementations and onboarding.

App Development

Innovate within your industry with Klient PSA to create standalone, high-margin digital products you can market widely.

Generate Recurring Revenue:

License Revenue Sharing

Earn up to 15% lifetime earnings by co-selling Klient PSA licenses.

Monetize Your Expertise

Explore the Klient Business Recipe Marketplace to develop and monetize industry-specific solutions.

Ready to Learn & Transform Your Customers Businesses?

Join our next Klient Lunch & Learn to energize your team with fresh insights and direct applications for your specific industry. Whether onsite or remotely, dive into a dynamic session that’s both educational and enjoyable. Equip your team with the tools they deserve to drive immediate results for your clients.

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Meet Your Hosts

Julian Riccardi, Sean Nazarian, and Yanick Abraham bring decades of Salesforce™ expertise to these sessions, sharing insights and strategies to elevate your client’s operations within Salesforce™.


Yanick Abraham

Julian Riccardi
Sean Nazarian