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Being a consultant in the Professional Industry is not easy these days. You’re stuck between acquiring multiple software skills and meeting high customer expectations. But don’t worry, Klient PSA is here to help! Our platform regroups all the tools you need on a single platform. From project management & resource planning to invoicing and everything in between, it’s all there!

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Proposal & Forecast

A process your sales & delivery team will love!

  • Streamline your process with ease
  • Get your sales & delivery team on the same page
  • Deliver winning proposals with accurate estimates

Project & Assignment

Use proven recipes to deliver unmatched quality!

  • Enjoy freedom within Klient framework
  • Structure your work to allocate ressources more effciently
  • Ensures a structured & repeatable methodology to deliver quality

Execution & Delivery

Enable your team to achieve more in less time!

  • Provide them with consistent and simple workflows
  • Get a clear picture over project’s progression & priorities
  • Spend less time on timesheet to deliver more value for your customers

Billing & Invoicing

Stop revenue from falling through the cracks

  • Keep track of any invoices & generate them more quickly
  • Bill any type of pricing structure to meet clients’ needs
  • Explore new pricing models and compare their viability

People & Workforce

Let your Team Express their “ Zone of Genius”

  • Build a strong employee culture and support your recruiting effort
  • Regroups potential candidates, and plan for future recruitment needs
  • Onboard a new prospect more quickly and support their career path

Customer Experience

Make customer heart beat for your business

  • Use klient tools to create memorable customer experience
  • Use surveys to get clients’ opinions and build a thriving community
  • Keep clients in the loop and let them influence the roadmap

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