Case Study: Ideagen

Ideagen Uses Krow Software To Enhance Its Professional Services Operations





Ideagen is one of the world’s leading software companies, specializing in quality, audit, safety and risk management software solutions.

Ideagen helps highly regulated industries be more efficient while reducing costs; strengthening compliance and oversight alongside anticipating and managing every aspect of risk. The Ideagen suite of products covers:

Business Challenges

Before Krow PSA

 Before Krow PSA, Ideagen was lacking a connected and collaborative platform that would elevate their professional services operations. 

In order to keep growing their business, they knew they needed a Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution that would transform the way they operated and elevate their service delivery and client success via a single application that would manage the performance and profitability of every project, while delivering visibility across the entire business.

After evaluating different solutions on the market, the team at Ideagen knew that Krow PSA could do exactly what they needed. 

The Benefits of

Krow PSA

Ideagen currently has over 5,000 customers globally using its suite of GRC software, but that figure will expand due to the company’s strategic ‘buy-and-build’ acquisition strategy.

Krow will enable Ideagen’s customer delivery team to manage resources across all projects for all products. The software will also provide an easier integration path for all new acquisitions into the wider Ideagen Group.

Amanda O’Neill, Ideagen’s Head of Service Delivery, said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside Krow Software. Krow’s outstanding product – native to Salesforce – will help us truly take our professional services operations to the next level which can only benefit our growing, global customer base.”

David Vanheukelom, CEO of Krow Software, said of the tie in with Ideagen: “We are so happy to work with Ideagen, which is one of the most ambitious and rapidly growing technology firms in the world.”



Ideagen and Krow share the same fundamental beliefs in that the success of the client is of paramount importance to the success of the business. Mr Vanheukelom added: “It is great to partner with such a forward-thinking and customer-centric organization in the form of Ideagen. This project was especially exciting for our team at Krow Software because it combined our cutting-edge Krow PSA application with Ideagen’s customer success and elite professional service mindset. Together we’re excited to see how our businesses can continue improving professional services for companies worldwide.”

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