Estimate & Forecast

Finally, a process your sales & delivery team will love!

Bringing your sales & delivery team together is a challenging task. An inefficient proposal process can result in misaligned kickoff dates and unrealistic delivery expectations. Klient fixes this issue by streamlining the proposal process for both teams. Your sales team can deliver winning proposals with confidence and pass the torch to your delivery team.

Closing is a team sport!

Estimation Made Easy

Never start a project from scratch again!

  • Kickstart your proposal from your best project templates
  • Use Klient Workspace to achieve accurate scoping
  • Leverage your past success to improve your estimates
Work as a Team

Sales & delivery close more deals together


  • Detail your deliverables and expose key Milestones
  • Enhance the collaboration between your teams 
  • Align sales expectations with delivery reality
Truthful Forecast

Start managing your peaks and valleys


  • Forecast more than revenue, create projects earlier in the sales process 
  • Gain visibility on future utilization per role
  • Access actionable business intelligence based on project data

… and much more!

  • Account & Contacts
  • Resource Request
  • Resource Utilization forecast
  • Service Contracts
  • Proposal & Opportunity sync (Upcoming)
  • Proposal & Contracts Improvements (Upcoming)

Estimate & Forecast help you to…

Unify the Sales & Operations department through collaboration for accurate project scoping & revenue forecasting.

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