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A common misconception among startups and small businesses is that Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions are only important for larger enterprises with hundreds of projects on the go at once. 

The reality is, all service businesses, regardless of their size can benefit from implementing a PSA application for their own unique business challenges.

Selecting a lightweight PSA solution that a business can grow into, is a great option for startups and small businesses looking to get their feet wet with services automation software. Krow’s Free PSA application that launched earlier this year is an example of a tool that was designed for smaller businesses needing to effectively manage their projects. 

A few features and functionality that small businesses love about a lightweight PSA tool include:

  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Expense Management
  • Project Billing
  • Team Collaboration

Another great thing about Krow’s Free PSA tool is that it offers integration with Quickbooks and Xero, so that invoices can be posted directly into the financial applications that startups and small businesses commonly use. 

What are the benefits of a lightweight PSA application for startups and small businesses?

  • No more Excel spreadsheets that are hard to update and maintain
  • All your data is one application
  • Easily manage projects and timelines and stay on track
  • Keep customers and partners informed and up to date on project status
  • And more!


To try Krow’s Free PSA tool today, sign up here: