Klient Software Announces Latest Release of Customer-Centric PSA Built Native on Salesforce

by | Oct 8, 2019 | PSA New Features

Written by Yanick Abraham

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Latest Fall Release Introduces New Features Including Integration with Expensify, Expanded
Xero Integration, Task Constraints, Advanced Capacity Planning, and more.

Klient Software, the customer-centric Professional Services Automation ( PSA) solution developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery, today announced new solutions and features as part of the Fall 2019 release.

Summary highlights of major new features in the Fall 2019 release include:

New! – Expensify Integration

The latest release introduces a new integration with expense management vendor Expensify. The Expensify integration includes the ability to import approved expenses from Expensify in real-time, including the mapping of synced projects, taxes, and multi-currency expenses.

Now users of Expensify can import and track billable and reimbursable expenses directly within Klient against projects, and bill clients and vendors for these expenses.

New! – Xero Integrations

The expanded Xero integration now includes the ability to create vendor bills from approved expenses in Klient. In addition, we have released a new integration to create vendor bills directly in Xero from posted Vendor Invoices in Klient. Now service organizations can seamlessly manage vendor partnerships and billing with
Klientand Xero.

New! – Project Management – Task Constraints

The latest release of Klient introduces support for Task Constraints including “As Soon As Possible”, “Start No Later Than”, “Start No Earlier Than”, “Must Start On”, “Must Finish On”, “Finish No Later Than”, and “Finish No Earlier Than”. Historically found in project portfolio management products, now client-facing service organizations can implement sophisticated task constraints within projects, helping service teams better manage resource scheduling and planning.

New! – Advanced Capacity Planning

The new capacity planning features offer innovative new functionality to track and report on the supply and demand of resource availability, including configurability of project and resource status mapping to different buckets including pipeline, hard-booked, and soft-booked assignments for easy reporting and analysis. These new features help service organizations easily look at capacity with the ability to include or exclude certain project and resources at varying stages of delivery without the need for complex report development.

New! – Hours Based Task Scheduling

Now resources can be scheduled on tasks on specific hours within a day. Furthermore, resources can be scheduled at different times on different days during the duration of task assignments. Perfect for client projects that are short in duration and include detailed tasks that need to be scheduled during certain time periods of a day. Resource planners now includes visibility of these specific date times of task schedules.

Additional Enhancements

Additional features included with the Fall release include improved Lightning Experience page layouts, expense exchange rate improvements, a new Gantt “today” marker, project template, and timesheet feature enhancements.

About Klient Software

KlientSoftware is the customer-centric PSA developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery. Built 100% native on Salesforce, Klientdelivers complete customer visibility from sales through service delivery, a modern and seamless customer experience, fully transparent communication between the project team and client to ensure alignment of expectations, integrated customer feedback, and real-time integration with existing back-office systems for more successful
project implementation and greater customer success.


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