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By integrating your professional services data with Pipedrive, you can connect company and deal information to your projects, helping you drive repeat business and build stronger relationships. 

With a Professional Services Automation solution like Krow Software connected to your Pipedrive CRM, your projects are automatically created and populated with important information whenever your Pipedrive deal reaches a selected stage.

Why integrate?

Your service delivery teams can begin project execution more efficiently and effectively, and sales teams can see key metrics about the projects they sold—with all the information they need to reach out and follow-up with customers.

How to integrate:

The Pipedrive integration delivers synchronization between Pipedrive CRM and Krow.  When an opportunity reaches a certain stage in CRM that you designate, a project for this opportunity is created in Krow as well as the customer account and contact. If the customer account and/or contact already exists in Krow, they will be assigned to the project.


To get started with Krow PSA or learn more about our integrations, reach out to us anytime: