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Klient Professional Services Automation:

The Professional Services Platform Trusted by the Fastest Growing Companies in the World

Klient provides next generation professional services apps that are fast and easy to deploy and built 100% native on the Salesforce Platform.

Klient is the modern PSA developed to build long-term customer relationships through improved customer experiences and better services delivery. Combining an intuitive UI, real-time visibility, and easy set-up, Klient is first choice among high-growth businesses.

Our software is powerful and flexible, and scales to meet the needs of any business.


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We’re the #1 CRM platform that’s bringing artificial intelligence to everyone. Create deeper relationships with your customers using the world’s first CRM solution that’s available with Einstein AI — it uses your Salesforce data to constantly get smarter, making you more productive and your customers happier.


We help drive today’s business builders with a new generation of solutions to manage everything from money to people. Our social and mobile technology provides live information so you can make fast, informed decisions anytime, anywhere in the world. We support our business builders for life by offering choice, support, expertise, and innovation. We champion your causes and provide world-leading advice and support when you need it most.


We are your growth partner!

Drakya helps Professional Services companies achieve growth through digital transformation.
Drakya is a Klient and Salesforce implementation partner.

Glic Tech

We are an award winning professional services company and the industry leaders in providing business to business implementation, custom development and support for Salesforce, Sage Financials, Klient and Conga.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses on both sides of the Atlantic – to transform, scale and stay competitive through the power of the cloud. Understanding how we can bring your business to the cloud in a simple, timely and undisruptive manner, is what we do everyday. 


At RelationEdge®, we are focused on implementing technology solutions that are simple to use, but provide powerful information that drives our clients’ business. Our methodology is based in business process engineering and sales management, employing a process first, technology second® approach to solving business problems. Our passion for helping clients better market, sell, and service their customers is essential and what has distinguished us from competitors.

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